8 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for the New Year

When it comes to interior design, every year brings new trends.

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Although most of us don’t fully redesign our homes’ look every year, a few key pieces can update and refresh your home without blowing your budget. This year, there are some great ideas for classic interior design, such as wallpaper and wall tapestries. 

The 8 easy ways to refresh your home for the new year that we’ve found should get you started on an updated look, and there’s something for every budget. No matter your interior design level, there is an option here that can help you freshen up your home to enjoy in the new year. 

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Retro Furniture

Designs like circular tables and rounded chairs are coming back in a big way. The use of leather, velvet, and rattan and rich and vibrant colors are definitely a nod to decades past. You can go on a weekend flea market hunt for yours, or look online for one of the specialty shops that will find your retro items for you. 


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Wallpaper can give a room a new look without changing anything else in the room. It can be applied to all 4 walls, or used to create an accent wall. This year, textured wallpapers are making a big splash. Textured paintable wallpaper, crocodile, and sequin sparkle wallpaper are some of the newly trending favorites this year. Here you can find the latest wallpaper collection from Ever Wallpaper. The great thing about wallpaper is the ability to DIY. Updating a room with a peel and stick wallpaper is a simple, cost effective upgrade that can be done in an afternoon, which is part of the reason it’s so popular. 

Wall Murals

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If you want the ultimate accent wall, you may want to consider a wall mural. These peel and stick pieces of art come in any design you can dream up. From faux wood slats to cartoon characters, wall murals are popping up everywhere you look. And, as a bonus, they’re one of the new favorite DIY projects on many people’s lists. Your bedroom could go from drab to a Tahiti beach scene in just a few hours and the application of a wall mural. 

Natural Materials and Design

The natural look is trending, and that includes materials and colors. Plants, floral prints, woods, and earth tones are popping up everywhere you look, and interior design is embracing them. Green, beige, gray, and white plus your favorite wood and indoor plants can really spruce up your home in the new year. Floral prints are part of this interior design trend, and that means fabrics and wallpapers are included. 

DIY and Handmade

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Interior design used to be intimidating, but DIY has made it a fun weekend project for many people, and this year is no different. Homemade planters, repurposed and recycled furniture pieces, and unusual statement pieces are available for purchase, or you can take a weekend and create your own. Time to pull that painting you did in college out of the attic and hang it in the hallway. 

Wall Tapestries

Wall tapestries are making a big comeback, along with macrame hangings in fun, fresh designs. Handmade macrame items lend a lived-in feeling to a room, while wall tapestries are a major focal point when they’re displayed. Antique woven tapestries are a costly option, but you can find mass produced options for a more budget friendly option. 

Unusually Framed Mirrors

Mirrors that are uniquely framed, or mirrors in fresh, funky shapes are a fun interior design trend freshening up the new year. Instead of those same, square mirrors, you’ll find them rope wrapped, lit up with neon, or etched into the shape of flowers. These unique mirrors are amazing for making small rooms look larger, and they make awesome conversation pieces. 

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Fresh Wall Decor

Wall decor is a quick and simple step toward a fresh look for your home. There are some great trends in wall decor for the upcoming year, including black and white photo displays, geometric graphics and paintings, and metal wall hangings. In addition, neon signs are making a big comeback, and they’re no longer just beer signs. Uplifting sayings and metal flowers are a few favorites that are coming back in a big way for the new year. 

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