8 fantastic French furnished apartment designs to copy

There’s something about the French décor that’s hard to resist. Perhaps, it’s the cobblestoned streets, the chateaux that have existed for generations, or generally the appreciation for antiques. Either way, there’s so much to borrow from the elegance of things from the French.

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Here we share 8 fantastic designs you’re likely to find in several furnished rentals in Paris. You can copy them to add that irresistible oomph to your home. Or if you find yourself in Paris on an extended stay, Blueground takes care of all professional furnishings in their apartments, tailored to bring out the character of each Parisian home. Whether you like the modern or the traditional decorative styles, here are ideas to get you started:

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Go traditional with herringbone-patterned rugs

Want a classy room with a traditional flair in it? Invest in herringbone-patterned rugs to add an eye-catching effect to your wooden flooring.

With these rugs also, you can add unique-colored patterns that blend perfectly with your walls, ceilings, or furniture. Besides, they are warm to step on and are quite comfortable on your feet .

Warm the room with a marble fireplace

Marble fireplaces are a common feature in French apartments. While it’s against the law to light them in Paris, their charm in your living room still lives on. Curious how?

The mantel that sits above the marble fireplace offers a vast space to add a warm and hospitable décor to your fireplace. You can candle-light the mantel’s front to enforce a traditional minimalist lighting system. Alternatively, you can add a table lamp to add a modern flair to the fireplace.

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Match the room with structured furniture

The French are known for their love to match their furniture like they do their clothes. Everything from the color of walls, the patterns on the fabrics of the sofas, to the choice of lightings blends perfectly. So, what’s here to copy?

First, add chaises whose colors match those of the walls. Secondly, check out the paintings or other fixtures that feature the superior color in the room. Lastly, add a library to your living room to complete the modernistic French ambiance.  

Optional decor to accentuate the superior color include table lamps, wall lights and chandeliers.

Choose golden colors for mirror frames

The French often associate gold  with power and superiority. If these are traits you want your visitors to pick from you, begin your decorations from the mirror frames.

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Most furnished apartments have the mirror placed atop the mantel or pinned on the walls. If possible, use mirrors that have carved patterns on the edges and topmost parts of the frames. You can have the golden theme appearing somewhere on the chandeliers too for more of the regal theme.

Go for apartments with wrought-iron balconies

Another charming feature of the French apartment décor is a balcony with wrought iron. Besides decorating the often tall windows, wrought iron graces your balcony with very desirable patterns.

In most cases, the wrought iron is painted black. Even with long hours under the sun, your balcony never loses its original dark appeal. Another exciting thing about them is that you can alter the patterns easily as the panel is removable.

Add life to your home with flowers

The French are flowery people by nature. You can notice this trait by the patterns they use on frames, windows, and other interior fixtures.

With these flowery designs already theming your furniture, how about adding live flowers to add life to your room? You can stock up single-type bouquets or a blend of different types of flowers. Roses and hydrangea are the favorites for many.

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Hang drapes with a romantic element

France is referred to by many as the country of romance, and rightfully so. The good thing is you can bring this effect to your interior by hanging drapes that emphasize it.

Most apartments have tall windows, a perfect place to showcase romance from the inside. Pick curtains that do not brighten or darken the room too much. Preferably, choose those made from silk or linen materials as they regulate both daytime light and nighttime lighting.

Add an antique element with furniture

Every sophisticated home of the French seems to have antique flair to it. Picking antique furniture is the quickest way to add this element to your home.

For chairs, check out the designs of the armrests, legs, and stiles, and aprons. For tables, observe the design of the part that touches the floor.

Which of these French apartments design ideas captivate you the most? We’d like to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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