9 Delicious Cake Flavours To Add A Zesty Panache To A Wedding

A wedding is the most special event for a couple, where two people are united forever in the bond of love. Special arrangements are made for the guests at the wedding ceremony and to make the event more cheerful and memorable, beautiful cakes play an important role. A wedding is incomplete without a cake. No matter how beautiful a cake may look, but what matters the most is cake tastes. So to make the wedding ceremony unforgettable, astonish the guests with these delicious flavour cakes.

  • Fruit cake

Fruitcake symbolized “wealth and prosperity”. This cake is all time favourite cake moreover, it is always served at The Royal Weddings. The history related to this cake is quite marvellous and fascinating. To give your wedding a royal flavor, fruit cake online is the best, one can have on its most special day.

  • Espresso With White Chocolate Icing

This cake is loaded with delicious white chocolate, butter and espresso. The buttercream on this cake is something special, which will enhance the taste buds. This spellbound combination will surely dazzle the wedding ceremony and will make it the most memorable one.

  • Chocolate-Mashed Potato Cake with Ganache

Yes, you read that right. This unique combination of potato and chocolate is exceptionally delicious. Potato adds some moistness, which chocolate cake lacks without seeming too starchy. The cake is highly soft and delicious in taste and can make you mouth-watering.

  • Nutella Crêpe Cake

Nutella is all time favourite. It is too delicious and healthy. Nutella cake is perfect for Nutella-nutty couples. This wedding cake looks unique and stunning, which will surely make your ceremony grander and memorable.

  • Caramel Apple Cake

Wow!! This looks quite different and mouth-watering. This cake is one of the delicious cakes you haven’t eaten so far. The caramel, apple, brown sugar and walnuts, a combination of all these make it spectacular and delicious. Surprise your guests with this cake, to make the party memorable.

  • Yuzu Zest Cake

This combination of honey buttercream and white chocolate is quite marvellous. It is rich and smooth. This citrusy cake is sure to add some spark in the ceremony because of the presentation and deliciousness. This is a perfect wedding cake to reflect your contemporary style and taste, which will definitely captivate the beautiful moment.

  • Lavender Thyme Cake

For rustic and bohemian themed weddings, this cake is enough to gather all the attention. Combining the sweet richness of lavender and thyme leaves is a winning combination that is rising in popularity. This will add a royalty flavour to your party and will surely make the guest go wow.

  • Lemon and Rose Cake

The fusion of lemon and rose is exemplary and mouth-watering. This is a perfect cake for those wanting a delicious and rich cake other than chocolate flavour cakes. This cake is odoriferous, light and full of flavour which will surely enhance your party and make the people crave for more.


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