9 Gorgeous Green Living Room Ideas

The living room is one of the fundamental spaces that make up a home. As it takes several roles for entertainment and leisure, versatility is what designers aim to maintain. Different living room ideas have a common ground, the way it unites all other spaces together. If you’re struggling to maintain the harmony in designing a living space, settle for a neutral color, like the color green for example.

Are you looking for a living room inspiration? End your worries because we’ve got you covered. Here are 9 gorgeous green living room ideas to spice up your home.

The Neutral Accent

(Image Source: https://www.decorracks.com/2019/01/25/44-elegant-green-living-room-design-ideas/)

Not all are a fan of the color green but you can feature a calming effect with neutral green accents. Many people prefer a mix and match of exciting colors which makes a design harmonized. You can choose whether you want a moss green couch or a pistachio wall. This design makes a statement because the different colors use doesn’t compete with each other. Obtain a calming design aesthetic with the neutral accent!

The Fresh Aura   

(Image Source: http://www.home-designing.com/green-living-room-interior-design-ideas-photos-inspiration)

Most people usually hang-out in their living room to read a book and drink tea. To achieve the enlightening feeling, you can try The Fresh Aura design. Don’t just settle in painting your walls green. Design your area with indoor plants that will make the room feeling light and cool. Indoor plants help in keeping the room well-ventilated. Incorporate it with a pear-colored couch with an industrial wall. This will complement the placement of the furniture.

The Call of Nature

(Image Source: https://interiorzine.com/2017/10/12/nature-inspired-eco-house/)

Try something bold with The Call of Nature living room design. It is a modern-industrial design in which textured walls are the highlights of the area. The Sacramento matte finish was used to highlight the wall. You can use light textured walls complementary to your highlight wall to distinguish the focal point. To avoid making it look dull in the evening, incorporate a tray ceiling design and install warm strip lights <do-follow> . This will give a homey feeling to your family and guests.

The Classic Feature

(Image Source: http://lomupics.pw/Green-Drawing-Room-Georgian-Style-Spaces-Colonial.html)

Are you a fan of vintage design? The Classic Feature design is all about filling the living room with curves of the retro generation. To highlight the design of your preference for vintage furniture, paint your walls with laurel green. Focus on the details of your walls. The personality of vintage is heavy but we want to achieve it in a lighter note. You can use different accents for your furniture and experiment on different types of fabric and material.

The Mediterranean Touch

(Image Source: http://www.csartcolorado.org/1545999118-muk-96f95d9b43b8e2af.html)

Fancy but fun, that is the aura of The Mediterranean Touch. Experiment with different textured wall and floor accents. The walls are textured Da Vinci-colored complimenting the Merbau wood flooring. Pair your furniture with patterned curtains and carpets to establish unity between the accessories in the room. Feel the cozy and warm welcoming feeling as you walk in the living room.

The Deep Scheme

(Image Source: http://sharingsmiles.info/dark-green-room-paint/dark-green-room-paint-green-painted-library-dark-green-automotive-paint-colors/)

The vintage and industrial design work well with living room spaces. To achieve your green living room dream, dig into The Deep Scheme. Play with different modern and vintage furniture with shades of green. It allows a fun aura within your living room without commitment since no walls were painted. To add more details, you can fix shelves made out of Balau wood and place different accessories. In achieving an industrial design, it’s all about how creative you can be.

The Light Space

(Image Source: http://abasolo.co/green-living-room-ideas/green-living-room-ideas-cream-and-green-living-room-ideas-light-green-living-room-sage-and-cream-living-room-ideas-dark-green-carpet-living-room-ideas/)

Are you looking for a contemporary green living room inspiration? The Light Space is all about experimenting with different shades of green without being too obvious. Choose different shades of green that will help you achieve a cozy and soothing feeling. You can experiment on using different materials too. Pair the pale green-colored wall with deep shades for your furniture. Make your living room the perfect place to feel comfortable.

The Gentle Touch

(Image Source: http://www.home-designing.com/green-living-room-interior-design-ideas-photos-inspiration)

Green is not a head-turning color for some but there are creative ways on how to increase the aesthetic value of your space. The Gentle Touch is for people who prefer minimalist designs. Use a light-colored couch to achieve a pure personality. You can experiment with different shades of light green to compliment your furniture. To add a little twist to your space, you can choose pale-colored pattern tiles for your flooring.

Minimalism is often incorporated with industrial design to achieve a light but detailed design. As you can see from the picture above, different colors were used. The objects don’t compete with the colors of one another. They create a perfect palette for a green living room design.

The Mint Hues

(Image Source: http://www.home-designing.com/green-living-room-interior-design-ideas-photos-inspiration)

Are you seeking for an elegant green living room? The Mint Hues are one of our best suggestions. Fill your space with the ambiance of nature to obtain a light and fresh design. Create a contemporary haven with a deep shade of green for the furniture and textured light walls. The furniture and accessories add visual interest to avoid a dull and boring living room.

Can’t decide between dark and light shades of green? Why stress out when you can use both? Create a living area you’ll surely love with The Mint Hues.


According to color psychology, green is a symbol of wellness and growth. In designing a space, it is the color which can create the most natural environment. Feature different shades of green in your living area which best suits your personality. Allow the color to unite the furniture, light, and fixtures together. Come up with a creative way to maintain the natural environment within your home.

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