A Look At Swimming Pool Costs In Australia

Installing a new swimming pool will add style, functionality to your backyard. It is also an excellent way to spend quality time with your loved ones, especially in the summer.

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But how much does constructing a swimming pool in Australia dent your pocket?

Well, the cost of a swimming pool ranges from $ 35,000 to over $100,000, depending on the type of pool you prefer. The size, design and materials used are why there is such a big price gap in swimming pool construction costs.

In-ground, pools cost around $35,000 while above ground pool costs start from $7000. On the other hand, plunge pool prices begin from $8000. 

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Do your homework first before you install a new pool. Apart from the area, it would be best if you have a set budget. Check our comprehensive swimming pool cost guide to determine how much you are likely to spend in constructing a swimming pool.

Classic Swimming Pools

A classic pool is made using a precast mould that is put into a hole. Traditional swimming pools have become popular in Sydney and the rest of the country due to their hassle-free installation and minimal maintenance requirements.

However, these pools can be pretty expensive since excavation is required. During building, a hole of the best size is excavated, and a classic shell is lowered to the place.

The price of a classic pool ranges from $25,000 to $50,000. For the classic pool shell, you may end up spending between $ 6500 to $25000.

Traditional swimming pool installation costs start from $10,000. You will need to spend more if you want to add accessories. Poolside paving will also cost you extra money.  Here are some things that will influence the ultimate cost.

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Concrete Pools

Inground concrete swimming pools are much more expensive than most other types of pools. Your builder will tailor-make your concrete pool according to your space and size.

However, if the soil is unstable, it takes more construction time. This is to allow the soil to set in so the pool doesn’t crack. Concrete pools costs range from $30,000 to $50,000 and above.

Although this type of pool is expensive, you will get your money back since it increases your home’s perceived value.

The cost of the pool tiles, excavation prices, shape, accessibility, and the problems the pool builder may face as they conduct an excavation will also influence the entire cost.

Costs range from $50,000 for a 7m × 3m concrete pool, $ 70,000 for a 12m × 5m pool and $ 64,000 for 10m × 5m pool.

If you want to add a spa, the price may range from $13,000 to $15000, depending on the pool builder you choose. Prices may increase depending on the accessories you want to add.

Plunge Pools

A plunge pool is a prefabricated pool that is deep but small. It is the best pool type if you have limited space.

Such a pool design is not advisable for a family with young children. The cost of these pools starts from $8,000 to $15,000.

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The price will increase if you choose to install decking around it. Installing decking will cost an extra from $1,500 to $2,500 at least. You can go with any shape and style with plunge pools.


When getting your swimming pools installed, you need to ensure that it is safe and fenced. Fencing will keep young kids and loved ones safe.

Swimming pool installation costs vary from one builder to another. That is why you should hire an experienced and certified swimming pool builder who will offer value for your money.

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