A special lights source-Loom Pendant Lamps by Benjamin Hubert

From Benjamin Hubert who has created the Loom pendant lamps come a distinct design for the lamps serie, a series of textile pendant lamps what used a three dimensional polyester material .

Description from Benjamin Hubert:

Loom is a collection of organic textile pendant lamps utilising a new 3d woven polyester material designed by Benjamin Hubert for Swedish manufacturer Zero.
Originally used as a source of comfort in the bedding industry the 3d  textile has never before been used in the lighting industry.
The textile can be stretched around complex forms and diffuses the light through its dense network of warp woven polyester fibers. The Textile is offset and contrasted with a brightly lit polymer lens at the heart of each pendant.
The forms of the textile lamps reference traditional Chinese lanterns as a known reference point transformed with a new technological material.
Source:Benjamin Hubert, Zero website

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