Add a touch of glamour to your boudoir

If you were to create a wish list for your ideal boudoir space, what would be included? Perhaps a large, walk-in closet? A luxurious en suite bath with a soaker tub? Or maybe your dream would be to have a separate dressing room space, with space to display your wardrobe, comfortable seating, great lighting, and all of the personal touches that make the space truly yours? If that’s the case, you’re going to need to accessorize your space properly.

Expert Beauty Tips

One of the biggest reasons most women want a dressing room is so they have a place to apply their makeup. Instead of simply dedicating a drawer in the bathroom to storing your makeup essentials, a dressing room can give you a dedicated space to store and display your cosmetics, clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. When it comes to creating a spot to apply your makeup, there are a few thing you’re going to need.

Amazing lighting

As any beauty lover knows, great lighting is imperative to any well-appointed beauty room. Natural light is great, but it’s not enough. You’ll need to have more intense lighting to get true-to-life colours for your makeup.

Comfortable seating

No one can do their best makeup application work while standing. More than that, makeup is about taking some time to oneself, time to relax and pamper yourself a little. To do that, you’ll need some comfortable seating for your vanity. This can be a chair, a stool, a bench, or any other type of seating that suits you best. The important thing is that it is comfortable, well-scaled to the room, and easy to clean in case of those inevitable makeup mishaps.

A great mirror

Another must for any beauty space is a great mirror. Two, in fact. In addition to a vanity mirror with lights around it say that women should have a tabletop vanity mirror with magnification. The larger vanity mirror is for general makeup application and for getting a full view of one’s overall look. The vanity mirror, on the other hand, is for close-up detail work, such as tweezing brows, applying mascara or eyeliner, or other more delicate types of cosmetic work.

Lots of storage

Finally, a great beauty room should have lots of storage. If you love makeup, you probably have a lot of it, and don’t plan on diminishing your collection any time soon. You will want some storage that not only keeps your makeup organized and clean, but that also allows you to display some of your prettier packages and to keep your most-used items close to hand.

Are you thinking about creating a beauty room in your home? If you’re lucky enough to have the space for it, go for it! It’s a luxury many people can’t afford, but if you can, a beauty room can be a way to bring a little touch of Hollywood into your every day life.

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