Add Greenery to Your Interior Space Using Vertical Gardens

Nature is always an original decor, being already known that in addition to its  great decorative effect that they have,  plants purify the air, annihilate the negative effect of harm, banish stress and bring more vitality. The fact that people add also greenery to their interior spaces and not only to their exterior ones is not something new, but the way they decorate their homes now using vertical gardens is amazing. Who would have thought very long time ago that it will come a time when we live surrounded by vertical gardens? Well, bringing a living garden indoors seems to be a trend in interior and exterior designing nowadays.

Photo: NXG Studio

In fact, if we think about a little, we should not be surprised by the appearance of this new revolutionary concept of gardens, because what led to it is of course the absence of large central cities and people’s need to escape in places full of greenery. Suggestively described “vertical gardens”, the concept is a very ingenious and innovative solution consisting of an easy and modular system that allows growth on vertical surfaces providing a large number of plant variety and artistic freedom in design. Whether we love nature or simply we want more harmony around us, a vertical garden succeed to bring more life to any interior and definitely improves the look.

Photo: Evoorganic

Perfect for large spaces, but also for the small ones, a vertical garden has many benefits like: improves significantly the air quality, regulates humidity and temperature, change radically  a wall transforming it into wall art alive,  has positive effects on our mood, offering more color, tranquility and privacy, create spectacular visual effects, but also puts our design imagination to the test. Plants are visually pleasing and soothing, and we think greenery can be added to most interior spaces, giving new and better vibes to your home. There isn’t any rules about adding greenery, the possibilities are endless and if you cannot handle it, you can consult a designer as well.  So go vertical and design a space where your plants can get enough light and enjoy the calming beauty of plants all year long.

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