Advantages of real estate in Port De La Mer, Dubai

The United Arab Emirates attracts expats from all over the world. The pearl of the state is Dubai, associated with luxury. In 2021, the property was sold for more than $81 billion.

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Compared to the last reporting period, the sales growth was 65%, which indicates an increased interest of investors in the local housing stock. Many areas of the metropolis are known to those who have not had time to get acquainted with the beauty of the emirate: the man-made Palm Jumeirah Island, the beach Dubai Marina, and so on. Here, a property in Dubai does not need advertising. However, there are other communities that also deserve attention. One of them is Port de La Mer. Let’s talk about whether it’s worth investing in local housing.

Features of the area

Port De La Mer is an exclusive coastal village in Jumeirah. The homeowners have beaches, a marina, and up-to-date housing. A property for sale in Dubai in Port De La Mer consists of townhouses and low-rise buildings. The unique location of the area allows you to lead a solitary lifestyle and live close to the central communities. There is a direct connection with the mainland of the emirate. The infrastructure has everything you need for a comfortable life:

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• private beaches;

• terraces for relaxation;

• playgrounds;

• swimming pools;

• fitness clubs;

• landscaped walking areas.

The area is being built up, so there is a choice between ready-made or under-construction housing.

Advantages of real estate in Dubai

These are the advantages of purchasing a property in the emirate:

• affordable prices;

• high liquidity;

• profitable leasing;

• value capitalization.

And this is not an exhaustive reason to prove that investing in flats in Dubai is profitable.

The cost of apartments for sale in Dubai in Port De La Mer

Housing prices are related to the number of bedrooms. A 1-bedroom apartment can be purchased for $300,000. 5-bedroom townhouses are available for over $4 million. It is important to keep in mind that the market is dynamic, so it is wiser to find out the terms of sale before buying a property in the emirate. You can find detailed information about the housing market and prices for apartments and villas for sale in Dubai on the website

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Recommendations from real estate agencies in Dubai on how to choose housing in Port De La Mer

Before buying a property in the emirate, you need to decide on the goals: whether you choose housing for permanent residence or investment and accommodation for a seasonal family holiday. If this is an investment, then strategy is important. When purchasing housing for resale, off-plan projects in Dubai are most profitable.

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They help customers save on the purchase and make a profit of several tens of percent when the housing is put into operation. If we take into account that the deadlines for commissioning houses in the emirate are tight, and the state carefully controls the process, off-plan properties for sale in Dubai are not only profitable but also not risky. To make a profit in real time, you can buy ready-made apartments and start renting them out when you receive a title deed.

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