Advantages of rubber flooring for playgrounds

Kids should play to avoid becoming the dull Jack. It isn’t a good idea to stop them from playing because you are way too concerned about their safety. Whether it is the school playground or even if you have a playground at home, certain steps can be taken to ensure the safety of your child.

There are various ways to keep the playground safe. For instance, the flooring plays a crucial role. When it comes to that, you have plenty of options. You can choose from the different kinds of flooring: sand, asphalt, rubber tiles etc.

Let us find out about how rubber flooring for playgrounds can be a good choice in ensuring that your child remains free from injuries.

Advantages of rubber flooring

Noise Absorption

Rubber absorbs sound waves rather than reflecting them which makes it a good material for playground flooring especially when the playground is located in a residential area. While kids are playing, jumping or hopping around, the rubber flooring will minimise the sound and not cause too much inconvenience for the people who live nearby.

Variety of designs

Rubber flooring offers you a range of colors which can be attractive and entertaining for your children. Such availability of colors helps you give a personal touch to the playground which creates an inviting atmosphere for them. Yes, we do agree that it shouldn’t be so inviting that the child spends his/her entire time in the playground. You can work on that.


When recycled rubber is used in the flooring, the floor has non-slip properties which makes it very safe for children especially in cases where there are pools or fountains nearby. Using rubber flooring helps eliminate the possibility of injuries which can result from a hard surface. It allows children to play carefree without having much to worry about falling because even if they do, it won’t have much impact.


If you are opting for rubber flooring, you will save a lot of money. The rubber flooring is durable and can withstand abuse for years without getting damaged. Also, rubber flooring is UV resistant which makes it a great choice for places with extreme weather conditions. Playground rubber is also suited for bicycles, skates etc.


Again you will be able to save your money since rubber flooring requires minimal maintenance. They can easily be cleaned from time to time using a mild soap and water. In fact, it is also stain resistant. Recycled rubber also doesn’t swell due to water.

A word of advice


Of the various playground flooring options available, rubber flooring is quite popular because of the various advantages it has. The playground rubber is made from recycled tyres and other rubber products which also makes them environmentally friendly.

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