African Interior Design at Jao Camp Safari Resort

The perfect place for spending your vacation is to go on a safari resort in Africa. Yes, you have heard well. If you want to have the best combination of  luxury with  adventure for the experience of a lifetime, then Africa safari resort is the perfect choice for you. Here you can find many luxuries resorts ready fore you to come and spend some time in this wonderful wild world, to see and feel the best experience of your life. No matter what type of vacation you are looking for, you will undoubtedly be able to find a satisfying experience at one of the many Africa safari resorts. Okavango Delta sources its flood waters from the moist African highlands, which are over 1000 km away, and sustains the amazing diversity of wildlife in this unique wetland.

The habitats range from waterways and lagoons to dry Kalahari grasslands and open floodplains. Here Jao Camp is a luxury tented camp where the African interior design is amazing, with unique and stunningly beautiful, luxury rooms. Here you can find a very spacious handcrafted suites with African style interior, the whole of Jao is raised on wooden decks above the lush palms below and is beneath a dense canopy of ancient indigenous trees. It is a quiet place, with maximum of 16 guests, and lot of intimacy and is perfect for spending the honeymoon. Imagine waking up to the sound of birds and the animals of the African bush and viewing them from your bed. Jao architecture is inspired of nature and for its construction it has been used as a basic materials the wood. Every room has thatched roofs with canvas walls.

We all know that in Africa the temperatures are very high during the day but when the night comes the weather is becoming very cold, so the designer has come with a solution, he designed a nice african pool so you can take a bath and laying in the sun, and on night you can stay and worm on a fire camp. A suite facilities consist in bath, flush toilet, basins, as well as an outdoor shower, and sala for midday siestas with a wonderful view. For dining the Jao resort there is a lounge and pub area is under cool thatch beneath the tree canopy and an outdoor “kgotla” (Botswana’s version of a boma). Why is the perfect place for a vacation? Because here are the stunning suites, which are very luxurious, but kept in true African style with local materials and handcraft, and of course sleeping under a Mosquito net with open fronted glass doors and listening to the sound of Africa are lifelong memorable experiences so you can enjoy the beauty and adventure of this amazing region without sacrificing your creature comforts.

Source photo: fliker

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