Alvi Design Sustains Eco Friendly Living: Alvisilkchair

With a focus on creating furniture with eco-friendly materials and sustainable production methods, Swedish brand Alvi Design founded by Åsa Kärner sustains eco friendly living and therefore aims to design products with modern and functional design, art and handicraft from different cultures. We liked very much her unique way of interpreting the seating furniture and we wanted to share with you the eco-friendly Alvisilkchair design.

Presented at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011, Alvisilkchair captivates you from the very beginning with its beautiful and in the same time unusual shape for a chair, inspired by different sources who used these interlace techniques which liked the designer very much. Chosing to use materials with relatively low environmental impact like silk threads and oak to create it, Åsa Kärner gives a surprisingly dimension and transparent expression to its overall appearance.

Although thin in appearance, the silk thread is the strongest natural fiber and tightened around the bearing oak frame in that forms brings forth a perception of weightlessness in contrast to the rustic frame, while the light produces new shadow plays from the turquoise thread. With such amazing designs, we’re sure that more and more pleople will embrace an eco friendly living. What do you think?



Photos: © Alvi Design.

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