An Introduction to Door Furniture

Door furniture is the term for door hardware. Door hardware can be strictly functional, such as a door handle or knocker, or it can be purely decorative. However, most door hardware is both functional and decorative. What factors should you consider when shopping for door furniture? Factors to Consider When Shopping for Door Hardware
Factors to Consider When Shopping for Door Hardware

Before you buy door furniture, understand that they are not all interchangeable. For example, doors come in varying thicknesses. Doors are generally between 1.375 inches and 1 75 inches. The typical door has a 2.125 inch bore hold for door knobs and 1 inch cross bore. However, this isn’t always the case. Know what dimensions your door has before you buy a door knob or lock. The backset is the distance from the bore hole to the edge of the door. This distance can vary, and if you buy door hardware that is too short, your door won’t close and the lock you selected cannot secure the door in place.

When selecting door hardware, it is necessary to determine where or not the door will be locked. You can rely on a deadbolt, an entry set, or a modern key code lock. If the door has a traditional keyway and tumbler, you can replace it with another locking mechanism, but you’ll have to either find something that fits the space or modify the door. Deadbolts may be operated by a thumb turn or a key. Note that a deadbolt will secure a door rather well, but it won’t make up for a thin door or weakened door frame when kicked in

An often-overlooked factor when selecting door hardware is accessibility. Adults with limited mobility may struggle with door knobs, whereas door handles are something you could use in twenty years. Door hinges that slowly close doors make it easier for those who move slowly to get through the door without it closing on them

Decorative door hardware can take several forms. You can have purely decorative grills on the door. Sometimes people put dummy door handles on the door to make it easier to opem This is commonly done to the inactive door in a double door set. In these cases, the door handles should match each other, while the hardware in the active door contains the latches and locks.

Note that any door hardware can include decorative elements. Large ornate door handle panels and knockers are common. The only matter for the home owner to decide is which decorative features suit the door and the room it is in. In the case of exterior doors, the decorative elements need to match your home’s architecture.

You don’t want to have a gleaming minimalist door handle that stands out like a sore thumb when the rest of the porch is decorated in black wrought iron. Be careful, though, not to choose door hardware based on how it looks while forgetting the importance of functionality or its ability to literally fit. Another factor to consider is what the door hardware is made to handle. A door knob made to survive rain, sleet and snow can be used indoors. However, door hardware only intended for indoor use no matter how durable it looks may rust shut when used on an exterior door.

Understand the main factors you need to use when selecting door hardware, and you’ll find the best combination of form and function for your particular application

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