Anello Chair by Red Apple Creation

We’ve shown you many interesting and gorgeous chairs designs so far which are really great pieces of furniture for our homes. But what do you say about Anello chair, a chair that takes the contours of the user and always returns to its original shape? Yes, it’s true and such a chair have sparked our curiosity even more because of its unusual, yet original shape which doesn’t resemble to a common chair at all, at least when you look at it for the first time.


Anello Chair is among Red Apple Creation’s beautiful and stylish products that stand out from the norm due to their unique and charming designs. It’s unique shape which resembles a ring makes you smile and love it straight away. Influenced by Italian style and Scandinavian simplicity, it displays a contemporary elegance with a mirror polished stainless steel frame and dual fabric seat which will be a very nice addition to any modern stylish interior. Not to mention that, during use, Anello chair reveals a bright burst of colour which makes it even more attractive. Besides its stainless steel frame, the chair is made of 100% Wool with Polyester lycra and it is available in lime green, ocean blue or hot orange combined with black.



Photos: © Red Apple Creation.

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