Animal Prints to Spice Up Your Interiors

Whimsical, earthy, primitive or exotic, or all together, animal prints are definitely timeless. Although it’s a style dating from long time ago- colonial style -it will always be in fashion in terms of interior design, today being rather a refined minimalism due to the multiple textures and intricate prints, unique details and accessories, and soothing colors. Exotic wood furniture, tropical prints, bamboo, rattans, decorative items illustrating plants and animals are now back in trend this year, designers being inspired for sofas, armchairs, textiles and decorations from exotic culture.

 Photo: Kate Jackson Design

Zebras, tigers, giraffes, cheetahs, impalas and rhinos and leopards prints are easier to incorporate in a home decor than you may think, their attention-grabbing patterns enhance any decor style and brings a sense of adventure. They look great and fit both classic, modern or vintage interior designs. Bold and eye-catching, animal-inspired fabrics and accessories can add playfulness, drama, elegance or whimsy, calling the wild indoors and giving the wow factor, but requires attention, imagination and good taste in using them because too much can overwhelm the space.

Photo: Mhouse Inc.

You can use animal prints accents such as decorative pillows, rugs, vases, paintings, armchairs and everything else you might love. Those passionate about design have come with another modern and unusual approach of this concept -animal prints in trendy colors such as turquoise, green, red, pink, etc. Basics in creating this style with animal prints are neutral tones like beige, ivory, brown intense, gold dimmed,  bright yellow. Show your adventurous side with these absolutely charming hot animal prints and see how you can use it in your home. Let your imagination run wild!

Photo: Gabberts Design Studio

Photo: Dona Rosene Interiors

Photo:Paula Grace Designs, Inc.

Photo: Amoroso Design

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