Small 32 Square-Meter Apartment Design Transformed by OnebyNine

Polish designers Ewa Koter and Łukasz Wawrzeńczyk from the architecture studio OnebyNine embarked on the challenging task of remodeling a limited 32 sqm apartment design which lacks space and daylight. Situated in Hong Kong, China, the apartment was initially partitioned in multiple rooms which didn’t create at all the comfort and feeling of an open space. Completely rebuilt and redefined, the new space showcases a modern and minimalist design approach with a particular attention to detail, with reference to the standard European program without any compromise in comfort of living.

Maximizing the space and daylight in order to create a permanent circulation around the apartment meant getting rid of some of its existing walls and connecting directly the living space with the bedroom and both the kitchen and bathroom with the terrace area. To have comfortable and in the same time airy and functional spaces, the architects proposed a kitchen shared with the circulation corridor, large windows connections everywhere, even with the terrace- an extension of the apartment which has been converted into a garden terrace with tropical plants, bamboo and palms.

The bathroom was also enlarged so that an European size shower room with frosted window, a modern toilet and a sink could complement the new space which is beautifully highlighted with mosaic designs suggesting  the classic “Space Raiders” computer game characters which seems to be a kind of linking element, because if you’ve already observed it appears in the rest of the rooms too. Have a look at these inspirational images and don’t hesitate to express your opinion.

Photos: © OnebyNine.


Project details:

Architects: OneByNine- Ewa Koter, Łukasz Wawrzeńczyk
Design Year: 2011
Construction Year: 2012
Location: Hong Kong
Area: 32 sqm




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