Apartment Renovation on a Budget in Portugal

How can be done an apartment renovation when we have available only a small budget? This 3 bedroom apartment we show you today is a great example of how a remodel project can be done on a tight budget realizing an interesting and fresh design at both functional and aesthetic level. The team of young professionals from A2OFFICE demonstrate that as long as we think carefully about what we want to accomplish and use creativity, we don’t need to involve high costs.

Located in a rooftop penthouse, the 18 years old apartment had a dark and heavy interior which needed not only to be refreshed but also valued in a totally different manner. Although the social and private areas of the apartment were already pretty well divided, it was necessary a better use of one of the toilets which was divided into two and some residual spaces which was also transformed into storage lockers increasing also the sense of visual space by placing there a mirror. All has been exploited in an economic way, so everything was seized and white painted: the walls, all of sanitary ceramics, the ceramic floor was replaced and homogenized with new white cork plates, which cover almost all the rooms, except the bedrooms where the existing floor remained.

No apartment renovation would not be completed without furniture. In terms of furniture, designers measures the existing one so that they can carefully implement it with the new pieces and create an appealing and welcoming home which isn’t overloaded at all. White, grey and black combination gives a clean and contemporary overall appearance. The apartment features also a balcony and a terrace with about 110 m2 of floor area, which was designed to be an extension of the interior, as welcoming as it.


Photos: © Alexandra Marques.


Project details:

Year: 2012
Location: Vila do Conde, Portugal
Client: Private
Architecture and Coordination: Alberto Dias Ribeiro

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