App Development 101: Budgeting Your App Design Cost

What makes your app stand out from the competition? Great design? Good user targeting? Most of these factors contribute to your app’s success. When looking at apps created by the industry giants, most of them have a few things in common.

For instance, these popular apps have a great user-friendly appearance and feel. But what does a good app cost really mean? Let’s find out by defining how much your app design cost and how to make the process more fluid.

What’s The Average Cost for an App?

Skipping the factors in the app development cost breakdown, it can cost around $80,000-$250,000 depending on its features, platform, and quality. Online app calculators give an average between $200,000 and $350,000 to create an app with multiple features.

If we were to split apps into 3 different categories (Simple, Moderate, Complex), this is how much it would cost to create an app:

ComplexityDescriptionHours (approx.)Cost ($50/hr)Cost ($100/hr)
SimpleNo back end, no API integration, calendar, social login, basic features like email subscription.40020,000$40,000
ModeratePayment features, back-end server, API integration, Customized user features, tablets and headsets adaptation.500-80040,000$80,000
ComplexProfessional design, 3rd Party Integrations, Multi Language Support.800-1500$75,000$150,000

iOS, Android, or Hybrid?

Native iOS and Android apps are usually fast, large, and are optimized to provide the best user experience. Also, they’re created using built-in APIs and processes that have a multitude of features.

Depending on how many people you need for your development team and the amount of platforms, native app design costs can be very expensive. Regardless of what you’re going to go with, your app’s features will determine its total cost.

Additional Features can cost:

How to Find a Good App Designer

Before committing and engaging to an offshore development company, you have to do some homework first. This means that you’ll have to look up the company and check for its reputation, reviews, awards and track record. Since this project might cost around $10,000+ or more, it’s important to look at this price carefully.

It’s also helpful to seek out their past clients and speak on the company’s experience. In fact, you can take it a step further and meet the development team in person. When doing this, make sure that you speak to their designers as well.

After they give you a quote for the cost of their app, always add at least 15%-25% extra to the initial cost in order to reduce the risk. This is because developing apps isn’t a straightforward process and there are unexpected hurdles that occur along the way.

What’s Next?

Basically, the app design cost depends on what you’re trying to achieve. You’ll have to plan out exactly what apps you want your designers to create. Ultimately, set up a budget to make your apps to ensure that your project will be completed correctly!

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