Archipelago-Inspired Table Designs by EWO

We ran across these unusual, yet highly original table designs created by designers from EWO (Eagle Wolf Orca), a transatlantic creative firm that creates unique designs that transcend time and even logic itself. Archipelago I and Archipelago II tables was inspired by the natural forms and are a very interesting alternative to a simple table design. Displaying a beautiful combination of a piece of glass and stone, as if there were some island in the middle of the sea, thet are bound to impress every art/design lover out there.

Fantastical and unconventional shapes are used in new ways thanks to some clever methods of manufacture, resulting these rare Archipelago tables, which are true works of art. Their designs are characterized by Emmet Rock as ” an opposition to the intolerance of clean design, prejudice of simplicity and narrowness of mind”. Archipelago I is composed by two stones placed on a glass table which is held up by dark metal frames, while Archipelago II features a transparent glass table top which is pierced by a rock, making it look like it’s emerging out of the water. It’s quite impossible not to caught your attention. They let out an elegant and clean impression, perfect for enhancing a modern living rooms with a personality.

Photos © Emmet Rock

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