Automatic Sliding Driveway Gates

Everyone wants their home to have great curb appeal as well as being secure. To achieve this goal, you should install a driveway gate using a company such as Advanced Fences.

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Driveway gates do not just play a role as an entrance, but it also covers many important factors such as increasing your street presence, providing you privacy but among them security lies on the top. 

Automatic driveway gates

Don’t you get tired of opening and closing the gate manually the entire day? Driveway gates have the option of being automatically opened, meaning you don’t have to manually open or close them. You can control its functionality by using a remote or a timer. 

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This automatic functionality of your driveway gates adds to the curbside presentation because the driveway gate is one of the first things that any passerby will notice, so it should fully complement your property. The automatic driveway gate can be the main focal point of your house, so its design should be aesthetically pleasing in addition to the functionality.

How does an automatic driveway gate work

Automatic driveway gates are very easy to operate. Most of the gates open and shut by sliding open or closed which can be designed according to your needs. Let’s say if you called a plumber to fix any of your washroom pipes, he would have to pass through that automatic sliding driveway gate. Following are such steps through which he can pass by it.

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Types of automatic driveway gates 

As mentioned earlier, the driveway gate should be designed aesthetically to complement the architecture and layout of your house. There are various materials that you can choose for your driveway gates to meet your house theme and fulfill your other requirements. Some of them are listed below.

If your concern is more towards safety, then wrought iron will be the best choice because of its longevity and durability. To make it look appealing, you can customize the iron with beautiful designs incorporated into the driveway gate combined with a custom paint job. The main flaws of the wrought iron gate are its heavyweight, which makes it difficult to handle during installation, and its corrosive property, which requires some regular maintenance.

The main benefit of an Aluminium gate is its lightweight and its passivating effect, which makes aluminum corrosion-free. These gates can bear any of the harsh environments due to their ultimate strength. Most of the aluminum gates are polished with a powder-coated finish, which prevents the need for monthly maintenance. A drawback to aluminum is the strength is not able to compare to wrought iron.

If your home architecture is of wooden type, then a driveway gate made up of wood will best fit with it. Wooden driveway gates are difficult to maintain because they easily get stained, and in rainy seasons, the wood deteriorates. To maintain wooden gates, you have to be cautious about their finish, and a water repellent solution such as Thompson’s water seal should be applied to them.

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A popular choice of material nowadays is stainless steel. Due to its ultimate strength and durability, it is considered to be one of the best materials. Stainless steel is an alloy in nature which makes it less susceptible to corrosion. The main limitation of stainless steel material is its heavyweight, which makes it difficult to handle, and also, it is very expensive.

Cost of automatic driveway gates

The cost of an automatic driveway gate depends upon several factors, such as the material you choose, the design, size, and from which company you are installing that driveway gate.

On average, the automatic driveway gates lie in between the cost of 2000$ to 5000$. At this cost, the automatic gate opener is not included. The price of an automatic gate opener depends upon which quality you choose. On average, it costs around 2000$ to 4000$.

Benefits of an automatic driveway gate

Automatic driveway gates are more secure than manual gates because their opening requires an access passcode which is only known by the house owner, which prevents the entry of any unknown individual into your property.

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If you are concerned regarding privacy, then the driveway gate is the solution of choice to maintain your security. When you design your driveway gate, keep this point into consideration.

By installing an automatic driveway gate, you can enhance your curb appeal and your security. These two factors play an essential role in upgrading your property’s value. So, in the future, when you decide to sell your property, you can get a better return on your investment for it.

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