Bathroom Remodelling Tips for 2018

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For a lot of people, the bathroom is their sanctuary. It doesn’t only serve as a room to wash off, but it is your private and personal spa. It is where you can relax and relieve some stress.

So when you renovate your bathroom, you create a bathing space just for you. It can be a place to get away and just be yourself for a while.

Every aspect and element has to come together to achieve a common goal of creating your personal space. At the same time, it meets the practical aspects of bathing.

If you are on your way to building a new home or have a plan for a renovation, check these design trends this 2018 that will help you achieve your dream bathroom.

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The bathroom gets small

Recently, bathrooms sizes are getting smaller and smaller. The trend for interior bathroom designs this 2018 will be focusing on small-scale luxury and efficiency.

Efficient use of every nook and cranny is on trend. Single person tubs are getting more popular. Smaller and artfully designed toilets and sink bowls begin to replace the standard ones.

Other bathroom essentials changes from standard size to smaller ones including smaller space-saving walk-in showers, shelves instead of large vanities and cabinets. In additional if you have kids you may decorating your bathroom with kids shower curtains pieces.

Small bathrooms integrate wall patterns and floor graphics that make a room appear bigger than before.

You don’t need to miss out on your dream bathroom because of the lack of space. You can do small changes here and there and turn it into your personal sanctuary.

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High-Tech Toilets

Nowadays, homeowners are starting to get interested in integrating technology into their toilets. And what better way to do this than getting a bidet?

The 2018 bidet toilets feature automatic lid openers, seat warmers, air dryers, deodorizers and many more. Other out of this world features include a wireless music player that turns on every time the lid opens.

Technology has advanced so far that even toilets are getting more advanced. Take the Bio Bidet’s A8 Serenity from Bidet Genius’ list of awesome bidet seats, for example, has an on and off aerated water flow feature. This feature lets the user widen the spray and even add air bubbles. It also has an adjustable LED night light. The best part? It’s self-cleaning.

It’s not just toilets that are going high-tech. Innovating the whole bathroom is another option. There are smart showers that know your preferred temperature and play your favorite tunes during shower time. Automatic faucets are also available; they can turn on and off when you place your hands on them.

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Vanity Lighting

Using lighting to highlight functional space and the vanity area is an upcoming trend this 2018. You can use wall scones, light bars or small pendants to light up your bathroom.

These simple lighting options can help you with makeup application and creates better bathroom aesthetics.


All in all, one common thing is evident in all these upcoming trends. They are all ways to break from the usual and be unique. For bathrooms, they rely on tiles, technology, and lightings to turn bath time more interesting.

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