Bathroom Updates 2015

Bathroom design has taken on new approaches that seem to be here to stay. Upcoming bathroom trends are also making their way into homes around the world.

You can use these ideas to enhance the look of your own bathroom and create a more personalized space to enjoy. At the same time, you can update your bathroom’s design to add more value to your home.

  1. Flooring Trends

Your bathroom’s floor influences the entire space. Choosing the right materials and color will determine the overall look of the other elements in your bathroom.

Feature floor tiles are one of the biggest upcoming bathroom trends. Homeowners are using floor tiles to make a statement with their bathrooms. These tiles are ideal for those who prefer minimal decor in their bathroom while still adding a touch of style.

Bathrooms that lack a feature wall benefit from feature floor tiles. They offer a simple and powerful effect in creating a new look to your bathroom.

Geometric tiles are also one of the upcoming bathroom trends in design. These help create more visual appeal and depth to your bathroom’s look. If you’re not sure about using bright and vivid colors, geometric tiles offer a simpler alternative.

  1. Design in Bathing

Another upcoming bathroom trend is the use of freestanding bathtubs. Although these may not seem like anything new, you can use them in new ways to add a variety of elements to your bathroom.

The design of a freestanding bathtub should be considered in light of the design surrounding it. A bathtub designed with sharp angles can add balance to a more open space.

The bathtub is where you can truly unwind, so finding the right design with the perfect colors will only make it an even more attractive place to let go.

You can also use smarter water controls for your bath or shower. New fixtures are being introduced that allow users more control over the temperature of the water. They use thermostatic mixers and touchscreens that let you customize your shower experience.

Likewise design can also be related to superior quality shower caddies and soap dispensers that have been carefully chosen.

  1. Letting the Outside In

You may already be using natural elements in other areas of your home, but the bathroom is a perfect place for flowers and plants. These can go a long way in adding warmth to a minimal space.

You can also consider natural materials such as wood and stone. These can accentuate the other features of your bathroom and add a feeling of the outdoors without taking up additional space.

Designers are using vertical gardens as an alternative to hanging or potted plants. These “nature walls” completely transform any space and breathe new life into your bathroom.

These are just a few of the upcoming bathroom trends, and the good think is that they’re easy to use if you know how to do it right.

Choosing the right flooring that meets your personal tastes and design goals can make your bathroom feel entirely new. A freestanding bathtub serves as the centerpiece to your bathroom space and gives you your very own sanctuary.

These elements are enhanced by adding a touch of nature using the right materials and new structures like vertical gardens.

Along with all these trends, new trending style bathroom and shower accessories will give you new ideas to improve the look of your bathroom. Always keep a check on the new trends in the case of accessories as well to keep up with the time.

It looks like these upcoming bathroom trends are going to set a new standard in design, function, and comfort.

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