Beautiful Whimsical High Quality Object: MinuSkull by Kuntzel and Deygas

Searching for a high-quality sound experience at home or in your office? Well, here you have MinuSkull, a sophisticated and high performance loud-speaker that can meet even the most demanding expectations. Considered like a piece of art by its creators Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Olivier, this luxurious object embodies their love for design and fascination for sound and music, reflecting the atmosphere of their studio,  where sound and image naturally merge.

Listening to MinuSkull it’s like driving a fashionable sport car without any speed limit in designers’ vision, because the sound diffused by this speaker is perfect without any distortion, even when the volume is very low and no matter the environment, big or small places. Nothing left to chance when designing this beautiful object with esoteric aspect: each one of its components is tailor made in France for a transparent and dynamic quality of listening, the difficulties linked to technology haven’t reduced our possibilities of creation that’s why the simplicity and charm of its visual aesthetic complements  the sound capabilities.

If you want to improve the stereo effect, MinuSkull can be used as a duet, not only alone, creating the basis of a Home Cinema Sound System (a subwoofer should be added in this case). Moreover, it can be connected to any source of sound like mp3, computer, Ipod, etc. and it comes in three finishes: walnut wood, black or white piano lacquer.

Tehnical details:

WIDTH 9,25 Inches HEIGHT 10,63 Inches, DEPTH 5,91 Inches
WEIGHT : 11lb
Connection : 2 Cinch RCA stéréo entries

Photos: © Kuntzel+Deygas.


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