Benefits of using drone cameras for a home inspection

Home inspectors working in commercial or residential units collect comprehensive data about the property to ascertain its health and provide a report to the client to explain the property’s condition. The process of inspection is entirely manual and covers the entire building structure, including the roof. The inspector takes a close look at the building features from inside and outside. They can even climb up on the rooftop to inspect it.  The latter is the most challenging aspect of the inspection process because of the hazards involved in accessing the roof with a ladder and covering every nook and corner of the roof to gather data that reveals its condition. If the inspector misses any point during inspection, redoing is an arduous task involving more expenses and time. Sometimes, the inaccessibility of roofs is a big problem.

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Nowadays, inspectors are more at ease with roof inspections as they can use the services of some professional company like to use drone videography for conducting a roof inspection. It ensures better coverage of the roof details while ensuring safety and the videos reveal the actual condition of the roof for everyone to see.

 Here are some of the benefits of using drones for home inspections, especially the roof.


 The use of aerial photography for a home inspection by using drones has eliminated the need for home inspectors taking the risk of climbing on rooftops to conduct the inspection. Since accessing the roof is the most hazardous task of home inspectors, the use of drone photography makes the process entirely technology-driven and safe.


A roof inspection is not only a part of a pre-purchase home inspection but for proper roof maintenance, it is necessary to inspect the roof at least two times a year by a professional roof expert to detect damages and determine the overall condition of the roof. Due to some roofs’ position and their unsafe condition like being wet or too steep, an inspector can’t access the roof. Drone photography provides the perfect solution to the problem as the roving cameras capture every detail of the roof from various angles and present a vivid report visible to everyone. All this happens without the physical presence of the inspector on the roof.

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Before the drone era, home inspectors were in a fix about how to inspect the roof when the conditions were difficult, and sometimes it was impossible to access the roof.  Often they had to exclude roof inspection from their report, which resulted in an incomplete report that was of no use to homeowners because the roof is most vulnerable to damages. Clients had to seek help from roofing companies to complete the task that increased the expenses. Now home inspectors provide a complete report, including the roof inspection, with drone photography that saves time and money and provides a better customer experience.

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The use of drones has resulted in more efficient roof inspections as inspectors can better make out if the roof is sagging or identify some weak spot which the drone camera can detect by zooming in on the site. 

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