Big Ideas for Small Spaces

For designing small spaces you need more imagination and ingenuity. If you put too much into a small room, it will be too crowded. If you put too little, it will seem not inviting. To prevent depressing situations like these, but also the feeling that there is no place in the room, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Redesign your small bathroom: it can be a very difficult thing to do, but can be made​​ as well as in the other rooms. You can add a bit of visual magic to your cozy and intimate retreat changing maybe the color scheme, lighting or replace some different fixtures. Remove anything that occupies space with no purpose and you don’t need it. In order to supply the space, find other ways that enhance visually the room. You can add more space for example, by installing a pedestral sink or wall-mounted sink instead of a vanity cabinet. Alternative storage space like a small shelf is a good choice. Into a small bathroom, the illusion of more space can be realised as well by using a soft color schemes  both on walls and furniture like neutrals, whites or pastel tones, adding touches of bright color only on accessories if you can. Lighting is also a source where to start to give the room an open feeling. From the lighting that can be installed into the ceiling,  countertop lamp and wall sconces to more expensive alternatives like larger windows, skylights or Solatubes.

Photo: Mark Brand Architecture

Photo: Michael Tauber Architecture


2. Take into account the focal point of the room: usually, the largest piece of furniture in a room is considered the focal point. In a bedroom for example, this is the bed. Watch as the focal point contain many colors that will enhance and reflect the rest of the room. For example, if the walls are green, add a blanket or pillow of the same color. Do not overwhelm the room by keeping furniture that you don’t need actually. A bedroom usually should include a bed, a nightstand, a vanity and a mirror. If you have any additional place, buy a bed table, which can be strong and not swept under the bed when you need it. To add a touch of personality, you can add flowers, photo frames and a lamp, matching all these with the other things’ colors in the room. If the focal point of the room is anything, but bed, then be creative and decorate it tastefully.

Photo: Michelle Rasmussen

Photo: studio D

3. Reenergize your space with color and mirrors: mirrors placed on opposite walls give the feeling of a large room, as well as murals. As for bathroom decoration, the color is very important in the other rooms too. To make a small room look larger, paint walls with white or a light color. You can paint or add a beautiful wallpaper for a single wall either. If possible, choose light-colored furniture. Always use at least three colors, but not more than five. Try to avoid monotony.

Photo: Cary Bernstein Architect

 4. Less is more: simplity is the key to make a small space looking larger. The more things you have, the more cluttered the home will be. Find a style that fits you most and add soft but stylish touches to your little interior so it will get an open, airy feeling and cozy in the same time.

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