Ceramic tiles for home

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Ceramic tile is one of the most famous and used tiles in homes and offices throughout the whole world.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

They give floor and walls great look and make the place more beautiful. You can use them in your shower places and kitchens without any fear. Some of the benefits of ceramic tiles are here:

Benefits of  ceramic tiles:

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

Easy to clean, ceramic tiles are easy to clean you just need to sweep and wash them with water. If the dirt is heavier than you can use cleaner and wash them with it they will get rid of dirt and gives an elegant or fresh look.

Low maintenance, there is no special cleaning process involve. Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain. Simple cleaning of them make them long lasting.

Cost effective, they are cost effective; in low range of money you can make your home’s floor elegant. Pricing also depends upon the quality of tiles and also relies on the square feet measurement, the bigger the size the higher will be the amount of tile.

Recyclable, ceramic tiles are made up of glass, sand and clay. All of them are organic and can be recycled. They also very obliging to reduce the amount of energy in hot weather by giving the cooling effect to your home also they are acting as insulators in winters.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

Water resistant, ceramic tiles are water resistant as they do not absorb water in them, water can slip off from their surface without getting absorb into it also they cannot damage by other kind of liquid chemicals unless their surface react with them.

Gives an elegant look, tiles gives and elegant and stylish look to homes and making them appealing, also when there are tiles on the floor, the floor will look cleaner rather than floor made up with cement.

Rise in value of home, due to tiles your home resale value will get higher and this will surely going to give you some profit.

Scratch resistant, ceramic tiles are scratch resistant; they do not break off easily by dropping of heavy material on it or by any other means.

Having many designs, ceramic tiles are available in many designs and in variety of colours. You can choose any of them as per your choice to give your home a stylish look.

Rots free, ceramic tiles are rot free also they do not allow insects and bacteria to live inside them.

Kitchen and tiles:

The kitchen is the most important part of household; it shows the living style of the family. Kitchen of the house should be more clean than other rooms because it is used for cooking and eating purpose which is directly related to health issues. There are variety of tiles for kitchen in the market. Use of tiles in the kitchen make it cooler as the tiles also work like cooling machine in the summer, tiles in kitchen make it easy to clean because it is easy to maintain kitchen with tiles they do not require any hard and fast rule for cleaning. only washing and mopping can  make them clean. Due to the glossiness of tiles water slipped off from the surface of tiles so the danger of being slip is also reduced. 

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

Tiles using in the kitchen floor and wall should not be the same, for floor less glossy tiles will go on and for the walls glossy ones will be the best, glossy tiles do not let stick the oil and dirt on their surface so by using glossy ones on the wall will make easy to clean it. Here are some tips for choosing the right tiles for your kitchen.

Choose the place where tiles should be installed, it is much needed to decide first where the tile should be placed , whether they should be placed on countertops of kitchen or walls. 

Type of tiles, it should check before installing the tiles that what type of tiles are they either ceramic or porcelain.

Choose the floor tiles that is according to your family, if there are kids in your family you should select less glossy tiles so the children can easily walk over them without getting slip. For getting more info about kitchen tiles visit  https://www.novoceram.com/tiles/for/kitchen

Tiles for bathroom:

Bathroom is the place in home where person can relax its body.  Bathroom should be made up of tiles floor because they are easy to clean. Hygienic issue of bathroom in a household is very important because it contain harmful germs and bacteria which do not stay inside the bathroom, they make the people ill and give them severe diseases. The best option for bathroom tiles are vinyl tiles because they are less cost effective and easy to maintain. Ceramic tiles are more popular to use in bathroom because they have more benefits and easy to maintain. Tiles are non porous and repel water from its surface so it is easy to clean with powerful cleaners to kill harmful bacteria and germs from the surface of the washroom.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

Many types of bathroom tiles are available in market you should choose according to your taste. We should choose colour schemes for the tiles according to the size of bathroom. If bathroom is small in size tiles should be light in colour which makes the bathroom look bigger and also having versatile effect on mood of person. 

Tiles of walls should be lighter than the floor. Glazed tiles will be the best because the mirror reflection widen the bathroom. Floor and walls tiles should look good together but do not match because it makes the bathroom look smaller. They should be different from one another. Shower water should get slipped of or drained easily from the surface of tiles. Tiles won’t get stained but the use of different chemicals will leave a mark or satin on it. For cleaning the bathroom tiles cleaner should not be so strong so it will wash off easily.

For further more details about bathroom tiles you can visit this website https://www.novoceram.com/tiles/for/bathroom

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