Certiport Testing Centers for IT certifications to Add Value to Your Professional Profile

Certiport is a Pearson VUE subsidiary, which is now the leading provider in global certification exam preparation, delivery, and administration services managed through a globally spread network of about 14,000 Certiport Authorized Testing Centers across the globe.

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Why Certiport certifications?

Certiport certifications are now admired as the most professionally valuable credentials in digital proficiency and computing skills. Professionals who certify on Certiport programs are deemed to be better prepared to meet the challenges at the workplace. With an expansive testing center network across the world, Certiport awards various levels of credentials to those who clear the test, which help the holder to succeed in their career.

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About Certiport

As we’d seen Certiport is an arm of the renowned Pearson VUE testing, which provides certification opportunities to working professionals and career aspirants. Pearson VUE is already renowned as a global leader in offering computer-based certification testing in a wide range of industry specialties.

Established in the year 1997, Certiport is the pioneering name in offering full-fledged career-centric certification solutions not only to IT professionals and career aspirants but also to the academic institutions. Along with test administration, Certiport services also encompass:

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It is important to note that Certiport testing centers don’t offer any certifications by their own, but simply provide a learning opportunity for individuals to grab the most established and valuable certifications for professional enhancement. Certiport now offers online learning support and also the administration of test centers in a trustable manner.

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It is estimated that as of late Certiport delivers about two million certification exams per year through its test centers across the world. Certiport also has an association with the other leading certification providers in the technology industry to successfully bring their training programs also into the market. With significant expertise in academia, Certiport puts forth a unique go-to-market strategy, which drives a global program performance.

Choosing a testing center

For those who are planning to appear for Certiport certifications, it is essential to choose the nearest testing center for you to attend the certification exam. The exams are mostly computer oriented, which are invigilated by Certiport experts. You have to enroll online to get an appropriate exam schedule. While approaching test centers, ensure that the facility you choose meets all the CATC policies to conduct such exams. Refer to: 

New Certiport and Microsoft Azure-powered online exams

Certiport had lately announced the release of their latest application named Compass, which is a web-based exam administration system powered by Microsoft Azure technology. This enables an online exam delivery system through an easy to use interface which is with Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

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Compass now supports the certification programs for:

This online exam initiative makes Certiport certifications accessible to more users across the globe. On the other hand, Certiport is adding more technological, functional certifications also which will help enhance the skill profile of the professionals.

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