Charming Contemporary Apartment with Dazzling White and Blue Design

This stylish apartment in Miami, Florida, is a perfect warm weather retreat for a couple from the Northeast during winter season. Almost none of the New York- based firm IKBA’s houses look alike. This contemporary apartment stands out due to its bold contrast between dazzling whites and saturated blues shades displayed in an unique manner. An open space living room with a balcony that offers magnificent views of azure water and Florida sky set the tone. Characterized by subtle sophistication yet simplicity, the apartment is tastefully-decorated displaying an interesting mix of modern furniture design with texture and clean lines, and charming combination of colors and patterns that create a feeling of calmness and space. Comfortable sofa, warm lightning, flower arrangements give a romantic feel to the apartment. A table with blue transparent glass and comfortable chairs is an open invite to guests. The pendant lamp is very original and worth studying from a close angle. Enjoy the details offered by this interesting apartment and let us know what’s your opinion about it.

Photos: © Steven Brooke Studios.

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