Chic Porto Hotel Showing Original Design

Paying homage to the city’s theatrical heritage, the Teatro Hotel distinguishes by its innovative and original design that takes the whole concept of interior design theme of the show, the stage, the artistic life, which becomes a scenery full of gold and bronze accents, dramatic lighting and rich drapes creating a  vintage, bohemian  atmosphere full of charm. Located in the heart of old Porto, a beautiful and historic city that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hotel Teatro arose from the spot where the Baquet Theatre was inaugurated in 1859. A hundred and fifty-one years later, the unique, refined and bohemian environment of the Theatre has been revived in a hotel.

Designed by the internationally known interior designer Nini Andrade e Silva, the Hotel Teatro holds 74 rooms and suites, all elegantly decorated in splendid tones of gold and bronze, distributed throughout the 6 main floors of it. Urban and chic, the hotel  has a distinct theatrical mood that gradually makes you feel like you are part of a spectacular show, standing on a stage of glamour and prestige.

Drama theme starts right from the entrance door of the hotel, which is engraved a poem signed by Portuguese romantic poet Almeida Garrett. Lobby develops around a central- symbol part: a circular sofa, which is based on a series of images (frames plays) arranged on a roll of film. Moreover, these pictures are one of the details present in the room, as well as restaurant or bar. The entire interior starting with the hall reception until rooms and bar it’s treated as a scene, illuminated by spotlights and bordered by many curtains. Some of the rooms have an echo of the general theme translated, minimalist, just at the finish, especially the rich folds of curtains and through  many accents of light, in others prevail scenographic décor, the room being full of costumes on display in the window as a museum or arranged on hangers. Finishes and sepia colorful tones, with bright accents of bronze and gold dress  a unitary form  the whole range hotel, giving the overall image of glamor shots.

Situated on the main floor of the Hotel Teatro, the Palco  restaurant is the heart of exotic and contemporary sensations, with the delicious production brought to you by a perfectly attuned cast of tastes. Urban and elegant, Paldeia bar provides also its guests moments of peace and well-being. Try discovering new sensations by experiencing the remarkable quality and creative essence of this hotel, just before the curtain rises and transform your holiday into a memorable one.

Architectural project: Eduard Miguel Brito Nogueira
Project planning: Nini Andrade E Silva
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