Choose between vinyl and paper stickers by knowing their difference

Stickers can be made of paper or vinyl, but at the beginning, when stickers first made their appearance. These were paper labels with some self-adhesive backing that was easy to affix on the target surface.

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Vinyl was yet to arrive on the stage at that time, and good quality paper was the chosen material for stickers. 

With time, vinyl stickers started replacing paper as the chosen material for making stickers, and today you can choose either paper or vinyl depending on various factors, including your budget. Both types have unique features and can meet your purpose provided you are clear in your mind about the way you want to use it.  Knowing the features and the differences between paper and vinyl and the kind of surface for fixing the stickers will help in proper selection.

Features of paper stickers

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The quality of paper used for making stickers is special because of the thickness, which is much less than the usual papers that we usually come across. The thickness of the paper used for stickers is much less to allow firm adhesion to the target surface.  The paper’s surface has excellent print qualities to enable high-quality printing. It can last for a long time when you use the stickers for packaged boxes and other products. You can use glossy paper for brightly finished stickers, or else a matte finish is the only option.  

Paper stickers do not require any lamination, but they can be a problem during prolonged use because of their vulnerability to weather elements. Paper can absorb moisture and react to temperature changes, and the surface is prone to scratches and other physical damages that can deface the stickers. 

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Features of vinyl stickers

Vinyl is a substitute for paper stickers, and vinyl custom stickers are highly durable because vinyl has much more strength than paper and does not tear off easily. It will require a lot of effort and scratching to damage stickers made from vinyl material. The print quality on the vinyl surface is superior and long-lasting as it does not fade with time. These are ideal for harsh outdoor conditions and easy to clean without fearing any damage to the design. Vinyl is a highly durable material that lasts much longer than paper.

Most businesses prefer vinyl as the sticker material because of its durability and the opportunities of customizing the stickers in whichever way you want. Vinyl stickers can be of quite a large size and especially suitable for outdoor use.

Whether to use paper or vinyl stickers is a personal choice that depends on the nature of use and what you want to achieve. For long term use that gives a better return on investment, vinyl is superior to paper stickers.  Vinyl is much more popular than paper stickers due to its versatility because you can use it both indoor and outdoor without worrying about damage. 

Decide how you want to use the stickers to determine if saving cost with paper stickers can serve your purpose. 

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