Clever Multfunctional Coffee Table Design for a Modern Lifestyle

Adapting to change with a fresh, original vision became a necessity in a constantly evolving world and meeting the more informed client’s expectations may give you a leading position in a highly competitive market. Being original means sometimes taking a common concept to the next level, giving it a personal, highly creative approach, and these days we see a huge diversity of great-looking and ingenious design projects which try to perfectly match to our busy modern lifestyle.

Today, our attention was caught by this catchy multifunctional coffee table designed by Croatia-based designers Brigada and we wanted to share its clever design with you, our friends, to inspire you to find the best solutions when designing and decorating your rooms. Versatile, with a minimalist look and a modern color combination, this furniture piece is perfect for energizing a contemporary home, making your space more efficient than before.

Thinking that people use to transform their coffee table into a temporary place for various publications which they read when having a drink, designers from Brigada, inspired by this idea, create a coffee table that beautifully combines newspaper and magazine storage and a table, making it one functional object. It consists of different spaces available for keeping your favourite books, magazines and newspapers easy accessible any time you want. The upper level feature a several grooves highlighted in yellow color, which practically hold your publications organized. Very creative design that goes well with many interior design styles.

Photos © Domagoj Kunić



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