Colorful Accessories for Your Workspace by Karim Rashid

Pebble Collection is a result of collaboration between famous designer Karim Rashid with 3M and its Post-it and Scotch brands which features two enjoyable and colorful accessories for your workspace, a Post-It Dispenser and a Scotch Dispenser. They represents a cute new alternative of the classical ones, bringing new life to the office supply aisle and we think they are great, especially for those who love modern designs. Rashid’s Scotch Dispenser and Post-It Dispenser subtly blend into a workspace and add a splash of contemporary style thanks to their eye-catching and unique shapes based on the smooth, natural geometries of pebbles and stones, with high-gloss finishes and color options -vibrant shades of purple, black and white. They are very functional too, having an  innovative easy-to-use design with non-slip bottoms and are weighted so that they stay in place and can be used with one hand without them moving or becoming awkward to use.





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