Cool Origami-Inspired Decor Ideas for a Chic Modern Home

Yesterday, we were talking about origami, the ancient Japanese art of folding paper and showed you some unique light fixtures designed using this technique. In this post, we want to offer you a larger perspective on how it’s used in interior decoration as an excellent way to create personalized and creative spaces where you work or even in your home. We find some cool ideas showcasing that sculptural and artful origami allure, but there are hundred of possibilities from the simplest decorations made from paper to lighting, wallpapers, accessories, pieces of furniture, anything in your imagination.

Photo © Spacify Inc.

Characterized by an apparently chaotic form, with sharp creases and folds, the origami-inspired style would ideally complement any modern minimalist interior design. The clean and simple yet visually interesting shapes give to ordinary products an artistic appeal that made designers to think out of the box and create ingenuous and original objects with sleek, distinctive and light weight design. The materials bend and fold to form modern, elegant and surprisingly comfortable decor elements for interiors whose vibration resides in an extremely dynamic atmosphere. We hope you enjoy this display of design ideas inspired by this graceful art of paper folding and next time when you plan your remodelling project or look for an unconventional furniture item, try this Asian style.

Photo © Sarah Dorio

Photo © Sarah Dorio

Photo © Sander Mulder

Photo © Dottir & Sonur

Photo © Dottir & Sonur

Photo © Arcadian Home & Lighting

Photo © Holly Marder

Photo © FORMA Design

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