Cozy Armchair with a Delightful Appearance

Russian designer Tompson Tompson has found a modern method for resting, reflecting and having some moments of privacy not only when you are home, but also when you are in public spaces. “Cocoon” is a cozy armchair having a beautiful appearance which seems inspired by one of the famous medieval Arab stories, Aladin. It is a unique project intented for public environments, airports, offices where it doens’t usually exist specially designed areas with such furniture that gives you comfort and solitude in crowd while you are waiting your flight, your appointment or anything else. “Cocoon” armchair features only an open front that can be laced up to increase privacy and its granulated structure gives flexibility and at the same time hardness.

In its case, upholstery can be various from a wattled tree  to a velvet.  This great piece of furniture can be terrific for you home interior and it’s ready to create a modern atmosphere.

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