Create your Ideal Bathroom Décor with Innovative Teuco Whirlpool Tubs

The bathtubs range from TEUCO is just amazing. There is no wonder that their design and innovation brought the company major international acknowledgements over the years, along with the Interior Innovation Award 2013, which is one of the most prestigious global awards in the furniture industry. The Italian company provides bathroom furniture from the 70s, and starting with the 90s it began producing widespread bathtubs made of Duralight®, a revolutionary composite material at the time. Whether they are round, rectangular or corner- shaped, available with or without whirlpool, made of acrylic or Duralight®, TEUCO bathtubs models impress you through their highest quality  and extraordinary features. The simple yet striking design of every bathtub combines creativity, with efficiency and a focus on relaxation and fitness.

They are also highly modular, so you can customize your choice according to your needs and setting. In this post, we shared with you some gorgeous examples of whirlpools, namely Seaside T07, Sorgente and Naos. Stylish, with clean appearance and remarkable characteristics (.mood lighting, waterfall, soft cushions, anti-vibration solutions and silent motors -Hydrosilence®, smart massage system which works deeper into the epidermis, to contact the muscle tissue; -Hydrosonic®), these whirpools offer you a multi-sensory experience.  You can use it like a traditional bath or always full and ready for use, just like a swimming pool. Total relaxation is guaranteed! Check out the other beautiful and smart bathtubs and furniture collections by visiting their website at the beginning of this post.

Photos © TEUCO

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