Creative Armchair Design with Storage Place for Your Relaxation Moments

Spotted on Behance, Paciocco, envisioned by Italian designers Tomas F. Bordignon & Carlotta Simoncello from Punto Soave, is a lovely and creative furniture piece with a suggestive and inviting design that caught our attention. Modern and stylish, we think that this awesome armchair is designed as a comfortable refuge for afternoons when the only things you want to do is to relax.


Although simple in its appearance, Paciocco is a really captivating seating unit, which comes together with large storage place ideal for keeping books, magazines, CDs or everything you want to have at hand.  A surprising unique hammock-chair fusion makes you love it from the first moment. The sitting made from fabric is suspended, to emulate the thrill you get when you relax in a hammock. The armchair required no screws, nails or glue to be assembled, it is merely a solid as wood structure with a blue soft fabric attached to it. A chair for the lazy, as it is described by Italian designers. The idea is simple, yet genius! What do you think?

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Photos © Punto Soave

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