Creative Green Bedroom with a Forest-Inspired Theme

Seeing these pictures, we wonder who child wouldn’t like to have such a green bedroom design? Envisioned by Belaru-based design studio Fajno, this amazing forest inspired bedroom accomplishes a dream for those little adventure lovers. Ingeniously designed under impression of favourite fairy-tale about Moomins, the unique bedroom called “Mymi” recreates the magic world of nature, where almost everything is green and is related with the spirit of seeking and discoveries.

Beautiful combination of two shades of green together with pictures of fir-trees give the room a fresh look, where your child charge his batteries after a busy day full o classes at school. Once you enter the bedroom, the eyes immediately meet an explosion of color which lies in front of you and makes you think you are on a meadow full of flowers and greenery. Then, one bed, two wardrobes, an open shelf, a chair, a special little house and a lovely upholstered screen are framed so well in this space so that enough free space remains for games.

The screen is used to allow your child to dress in order to  switch his or her character in different games. They can even paint themselves with felt-tip pens in front of the mirror and continue playing with their friends in the special little house. Half of the room has the walls painted or wallpapered with green fir-trees motifs give dimension to the entire bedroom, creating a fantastic interior design that will help the child grow up in a creative environment. As very beautiful said the designer, “MyMi is the place where children’s smiles illuminate the room brighter than any lamp”.

Photos © Fajno
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