Creative Vibrant Lounge Design: Spider Phoebe

Funny, practical and fanciful, Phoebe is a cool furniture piece which comes with a daring animated conceptual design. Like an edgy contemporary art, the lounge design shaped in the form of a red spider is very captivating and perfect to personalize environments, creating a strong visual effect. Found on Limitless furniture brand website, Spider Phoebe chair is so inviting, being defined by interesting juxtapositions, playful contours, fire retardant foam covered with new generation France Lilivere fabric with high performance, which make it very comfortable for both work and leisure.

It features a metal frame with two movable legs and three different settings, that ensure stability and functionality to the entire design, but also a source of relaxation for your feet. Sure to become an instant favorite, it can be well integrated in a variety of contemporary interiors, adding an original touch. We can imagine hours in front of large windows overlooking sea views, curled up with a good book. Where would you personally place this original awesome lounging chair?



Photos © Limitless


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