Cute Green Gadget Helps You Save Energy

This little guy with friendly face, called BugPlug, we show you today is a cool green gadget, which may turn to be a truly household friend nowadays. Why? Because it makes something as simple, as with a great impact in protecting electricity resources. Created for Greener Gadget Competition in 2009 by Polish designers Magda Kalek (aka Ah) and Kamil Jerzykowski (aka Oh) from Ah&Oh Studio, BugPlug is an ingenious eco-friendly product that takes care of stand-by devices from your home, helping you to save electricity.

Inspired by urban vinyl toy culture, it looks like a funny creature with a kid-friendly shape that has two large antennas featuring built-in motion sensors on their top, a Timer and a detachable power cord in order to be used with various types of plugs. All you have to do is to turn it on, connect it to other devices you want to use that day and put the little guy on a shelf. Then, choose when it should switch off the devices by setting the Timer it has on its belly and that’s all, let the BugPlug to do its job.

If you’re in the room BlugPlug detect your presence thanks to its built-in motion sensors and keeps on the devices, but if you’re leaving its individually programmed timer switch off all the electrical appliances after for example 10 minutes of a motionless room. The same happens when you’re back, so your devices will no longer go in vain and and you’ll save a lot of electricity, which means less money on the electric bill. Very interesting and useful, don’t you think?

Photos ©  Ah&Oh Studio


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