D.W. Alexander, bar and lounge

Toronto’s center is full of diverse content. Museums, theatres and opera houses are part of its culture life and they are among the biggest and most prestigious in Canada. CN tower can be easily included in the modern wonders of the world. Part of T.O.’s life that not many people are mentioning is its night life. There has always been a high demand for quality liquors in this area, which led to many establishments being opened. Nowadays the competition is very stiff and there is a large amount of different managers and bar owners that are each day pondering over how to improve their business and provide the customers with something new and innovative. One of the spots worth mentioning in that regard is the Toronto bar D.W. Alexander.

In order to understand the building in which this club is situated, you need to know the history of the city. Like in many other places at that time, the industry was situated in the very center of the town, near the water and the railroad. That made it easy to distribute goods all over the Canada and US. One of the buildings that was used as a sales store, was the one in which D.W. is situated today. Its brick structure bears a stamp of the industrial era. During the years it transformed from leather business to bar and lounge.

Today, this is one of the Toronto’s modern entertainment establishments which are famous for its cocktails. The selection of drinks is really good. Most of them are either high quality or rare. Half of the cocktails represent a standard offer which can be found in Toronto, while the rest are exclusive to this bar. Menu list is a bit shorter and it is characteristic for this type of bars. The barbeque in this place is exquisite and it is perhaps its strongest trump card when it comes to food. With this offer and high quality of liquor and meat used as the ingredients, it is no wonder that the prices in this place are above average. Yet the price is understandable given the product that you get for it. This lounge usually attracts middle and upper class, who feel right at home in this fashionable bar.

Building is in the center, in the Church Street, near the Union Station, making it easily accessible. For the tourists, this represents a nice spot to rest in between visits to museums and other popular sights. Naturally, having in mind that it is in the inner city circle, there is not much parking space. Fortunately, public transportation in Toronto is really efficient and you won’t have any problem planning your night out.

If you are a fan of cocktails, D.W. Alexander is definitely a great place for you to visit. Many exotic mixtures are among the best in Canada and almost everyone will surely find a flavor that suits them. Its unique design and hospitable staff will make your night a one to remember.

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