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It’s always a good time to renovate, renovate, or make important changes to your home, but we all know the headaches that can give us, so if you’re looking to relax a little, use the list of games we’re about to offer to complete these tasks.

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Such applications always contain cool 3D game objects that artists worked on so that you can not only play but also enjoy the design.

This way, we can avoid annoying work, interior assets, dirt, etc. but enjoy the virtual decorating and renovation games. In addition, you will be able to take the time to develop how best to prepare your home, with the endless possibilities and products you will find at your disposal.

The visual component in such games is the main attribute of the entire development. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to create what we see with you on the screens of smartphones. However, using examples of the game art from, we can see how beautiful games can turn out if done right.

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Kawaii Home Design – Decor & Fashion Game

A game from the ONESOFT studio with an anime look that will also give us hours of non-stop entertainment. This time you have to decorate not only your house but also your own office. What’s more, you can upload your designs to the Internet and receive votes, and if your design is one of the most popular, you will obtain unique and very interesting rewards.

You can visit other rooms and the creations of different designers, and you can also help them with everything they need, share your projects on Facebook, and invite your friends to play. You need to manage the company and lead it to success in home design.

You can also make your furniture and design and organize various home decoration display cases to make them more attractive and successful. The game contains a lot of beautiful and bright furniture sprites, which is good news.

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Home Paint: Design My Room

Home Paint: Design My Room is a creative game with many possibilities. The game offers great art and color therapy, helping you release stress!

In the game, you are a famous artist in painting, and you are invited to open a Solo Art Show in different cities worldwide! People love you and your art, and you buy traditional houses or modern apartments to stay longer with your beloved cat. Unfortunately, most homes and rooms are furnished with heavy, old-fashioned pieces.

The player must earn the necessary resources at each level to implement the character’s ideas. This will be done by coloring beautiful pictures with the help of numbers. Over time, the complexity of coloring will increase, but more colorful design solutions offset this. The game can implement different styles of interior. The main advantage is a huge number of high-quality 3D isometric sprites, which are beautifully designed.

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Redecor – Home Design Game

Redecor – Home Design Game – gives you every opportunity to realize your dream of becoming a designer. The gamer will be able to furnish the premises, picking up various pieces of furniture. Choose upholstery colors, quantity, and placement. Each object can be rotated, moved, and supplemented with small decorative elements. Improve existing furnishings so that they all combine the color of the walls and ceiling. Then the room will look harmonious. You can combine several styles and change them if necessary. Bring any, even incredible idea to life.

Features of Redecor – Home Design Game:

  • a real room design simulator;
  • a large number of pieces of furniture and accessories;
  • advanced settings and control system;
  • beautiful graphics;
  • 3D game objects.
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Quality 3D Game Sprites – Features

Recently Mansion games are gaining popularity. In addition to entertaining mini-games and various levels, there is a certain uniqueness in the design result from the player. To achieve this, you must create dozens or hundreds of high-quality interior assets, so the players get the impression of complete immersion in designing and creating an interior.


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