Decorate your home like Vikings did


As we’re waiting for a new season of Vikings to appear and looking forward to enjoy the new adventures of glorious Norse hero, we’re getting an opportunity to use medieval Scandinavian interior as great inspiration for home decor. Even if you’re among those people who are not fans of this popular historical drama, old Viking features will delight you enough to wish to enrich your living space with radiant Nordic atmosphere. This is how you can embrace unique Viking charms and make your home simply irresistible with a blue world city waterfront block:

Furniture and floors touched by fur

Original animal fur was one of prevailing elements in medieval Viking homes, so you can fulfil your living room nest with amazing Nordic spirit by enriching armchairs, sofas and ottomans with great furry covers, but while doing this, think about animals and choose artificial fur pieces which are nothing less beautiful. In order to make entire space looking more authentic, include various kinds of artificial fur, from fluffy white and black furniture covers to thin floor rugs which imitate characteristics of real animal skin. Bedroom is also a place where you can decorate with fur, so feel free to top your bed with large furry cover which reflects animal patterns.

Embrace stone, wood and concrete

Think about plain wooden coffee table and small three-leg chairs made of partly processed wood with plenty of visible natural wood lines and real wood colour. Divine stone fire pits, rustic logs used as candle holders, sharply designed antler chairs, even wooden dining sets are excellent for translating your living space into pristine Viking environment. Original Viking interiors were mainly surrounded with concrete surfaces, such as floors and walls filled with rustic concrete bricks, which is great example on how you can create authentic space backgrounds. While wrapping your interior into concrete elements, sealing concrete is an option which will definitely protect your surfaces from cracking, moisture and prolong its durability.

Nordic spirit on the walls

Your walls can become carriers of medieval Nordic style, where opulent deer antlers, authentic Viking swords and glamorous spears present great room wall decor. Stunning Nordic plagues are excellent decoration for space above the fire pit, while wall art which features old Nordic deities, Thor and Odin, will spread mystical note throughout the room. For achieving more dramatic room appearance, attach fascinating wall candle holders shaped as creatures from rich Nordic mythology.

Drakkar beds, throne chairs and nautical home accents

Dare to go a step further with Viking –inspired elements and arrange your bedroom as original Viking sleeping nook, where instead in regular bed, you can sleep in mini Drakkar or in bed with curved frames such as those on medieval Viking ships. Continue in the same style and make a glamorously ornamented throne chair, ideal for true Viking scenery in front of your guest room fire pit. However, you can also keep contemporary appearance and subtly accentuate Viking spirit by decorating shelves and side tables with small nautical items, mythology statues and plenty of metal Nordic-style candleholders.

Vikings will definitely continue to fascinate us, but now we’re able to capture the piece of their rich lifestyle and cultural heritage within our homes and spend hours enjoying such a powerful energy.

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