Designing the Perfect Playroom for Your Children

We all want to give our children the world, and making sure they have the space to enjoy their childhood and expand their imaginations is something every parents strives for. Cue a creative playroom in which your little one can flourish. You’ll want a playroom that grows with your kids and is always useful, and these design tips will help you create a playing mecca that your children will adore.

Use Fun Colors

When painting your little one’s playroom, pay close attention to color. Your little one might be partial to pink now, but that could change in the next week to blue. Instead, focus on hues that promote positive feelings and atmospheres. It’s important to understand the psychology of color, especially as this is a room your child will be spending the bulk of the time in. If you’re looking to spark creativity and imagination, you’ll want to try a purple hue, as it’s associated with passion, wisdom, and creativity. Perhaps your child is prone to outbursts and needs a calming space where he or she can relax; blue is going to be your best bet, as this calming color is said to provide a feel of tranquility, as is green. If you want this room to be the center of the hustle and bustle where your kids can let out their energy, stick with red hues. If you’re unsure about your colors, consider painting one statement wall to add a bit of personality without creating too much work should you decide to change the color sooner rather than later.

Great for Lounging

When it comes to lounging furniture, of course you want something comfy enough for the little ones to curl up on, but you also want something sturdy enough to withstand the rough and tumble antics of rambunctious kids. My best advice? Stick to classic leather. It looks classy, holds its shape, and won’t be easily ripped apart by clambering feet and hands running away during your little ones’ rousing games of tag. This furniture will grow with your child from toddler age to teenage sleepovers. You might also want to add in some fun furniture options that will double as play pieces for your kids, like bean bag chairs. They’re great for naps for little ones, and will work well for movie nights as they get older and invite their friends over.

Consider the Floor

You want to make sure the room is comfy and safe, and one thing that can’t be overlooked is the floor. Even if your playroom is covered in carpet, it’s important to put more plush down that can add texture and personality to the room and keep your kids comfortable and safe in case any roughhousing goes on. Your best bet is a plush area rug. For one, it’ll be soft and plushy on their little bare tootsies, and two, it can do wonders in making the space feel bigger. Area rugs are also easy to clean and can keep carpet protected from paint spills and other craft items that might be in use inside the playroom.

Fun Storage Options

The great thing about having a specified playroom in the house means you’re less likely to consistently find toys spread throughout random parts of your home, which makes cleanup a whole lot easier. However, just because the toys and other materials your kids make use of are just in one room doesn’t mean they should be spread all over the place. That’s where storage comes in. Use small bookcases to hold books, coloring kits, and boxed toys. Always be sure to secure the bookcase to the wall to avoid any accidents in case it gets bumped. You might also consider

If you’re starting on a playroom project soon, keep these tips in mind. With the right colors, furniture, and lighting, your kids are sure to delight in their new, specially appointed space, and you’ll have the playroom you and your little ones always dreamed of.

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