Manicured House and Garden displaying annual and perennial gardens in full bloom.

It does not matter how much we deny that first impression is not essential. Deep inside, we all know that we form our perception about a person or a thing at the very first interaction. Everyone wants to leave their best impression when they meet someone for the first time. Home is the place that everyone will prefer to be the best and most comfy place on earth. When we buy a property, we spend days finding the perfect house based on its appearance and outlook. If you possess a property with a front yard and you leave it unattended, no matter how unique your interior décor is, the outer appearance will form the impression otherwise.

If you have a front yard and you do not want to spend a lot of money to reshape it and give it a new look, there are many other ways that you can utilize to reform your lawn. If you are planning to leave your front yard barren, people are soon going to think that your house is spooky, unless it is Halloween around the corner to think otherwise. You can find millions of ideas over the internet by pressing a single button. The internet has many ideas that can help you shape up the ideal front yard lawn. If you happen to live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, or its near vicinity, you can hire tree services in Baton Rouge to help you set up your front yard. These services include tree trimming, tree removal, and many more with experienced workers.

With your tree trimming or removal off the chart, here are some epic landscaping ideas that you can utilize to renovate your lawn.


If you have trees in your front patch, bark mulch will not be an issue for you. Bark mulch can serve you a host of benefits. It traps the moisture in the soil and can provide you a solution for weed control as it traps the weed seeds and do not let it emerge. While we are out there, landscaping our lawn, weeds are the last thing we will want to face. To give an exciting look to your front yard, you can use rocks and bark mulch to shape up the lawn. Stones will keep the water away, and bark mulch will keep the carpenter ants away from plants and prevent rodent damage. To give it a more neat and uncluttered look, place a rubber garden edging alongside your bark mulch bed.


If you want to get a beautiful sight of colorful flowers, get them arranged on a bed. If you are a soil patch running along the grass, it is ideal for a flower bed. Add a few rocks along the patch to create a border and plant more flowering plants in the soil patch to enjoy the variety of blooming and lovely flowers.


You can enjoy your garden view in the daylight, but how about taking a stroll at night or reading in the garden? You can easily avail of this opportunity by adding garden lights. These garden landscaping lights are cheap, most often solar-powered, and you can find them at any shop within twenty dollars. You can stick them along your pathway or near the flower bed border, where they can get plenty of sunlight to charge. You can also use the lantern style lighting to give a classic look to your front yard.


It is not mandatory that like all other yards, your yard shall be flat. There will be some areas where the grass does not grow, and it might make your yard look untidy or affect its appearance. Using ground covers can cover those parts of the lawn that are under the shade and cannot grow grass. You can use pachysandra to add cover and color to your yard and hide the patches. Ground covers do not need many efforts, but a little seasonal maintenance can make it look neat.


When someone is passing by your house, the first thing they will is the front of your home. You can make it look attractive by planting some perennial shrubs like hydrangeas that will add more colors and leave a soothing effect on the eyes. These shrubs are cheap and can give you back year after year as they blossom and add more beauty at the front portion of your yard. Check with your local nursery about how to plant them, trim, and prevent the unwieldy growth of these shrubs.


Landscaping your front yard may seem exciting, but it also a tricky thing to do. You will have to adapt the one step at a time approach and work at a small portion to cover the yard. To make it look elegant and classy, try to keep it neat and tidy, add a fountain spot made out of used car tyres, or you can use stone planters at the entrance. You can also make a small wooden cabin for your garden hose and cover its top with a flower pot. Place a bench or a table and chair where you can enjoy your evening tea in the front yard of the house. The DIY ideas are cheap and can boost your mood while enhancing your yard’s beauty.

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