DIY Inspiration- Colorful Puzzle Stools for Children

Are you planning to do a playroom or a nursery for your children on a tight budget? Today, we will share with you tips to create beautiful and modern puzzle stools on your own, with the help of designers from HomeMade Modern. We recently discovered their DIY projects and couldn’t help not to show you at least one of them (all of them are interesting) and decided on these charming stools that kids will certainly love them.

Playrooms and nurseries are going to be used by children, so it’s important to adapt any furniture item to their needs and also choose pieces that stir their imagination and make them creative as well. These DIY puzzle stools are great because besides the fact that they are brightly colored in various tints, they can be used separately or together. As you’ll see, making your own puzzle stool isn’t so hard as it seems, if you’ll have the right tools and follow the steps in the video at the end of this post.

Here’s what you need:

Photos © HomeMade Modern

It should take you no more than 7 hours to complete the project and in terms of money, if you have already the tools, it seems to cost you around $60 less or more. The result will be worth the effort and both you and your kids will love these fun and functional furniture pieces. They’re just an awesome touch for a cool and modern playroom. So, be creative and save money too with these professional tips! If you put this into practice, please tell us if it came out just like in these pics.

For more detailed instructions, check out HomeMade Modern website.

DIY colorful puzzle stools


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