Ultimate Eco-friendly Retreat Overlooking Magnificent Views of Vineyards

Where would you like to spend your holidays this year?An eco-friendly retreat it is the answer. We’re sure that many of you would rather prefer a peaceful place away from the big city life, surrounded only by nature. Well, one great option might be the beautiful Guadalupe Valley located in Baja California, Mexic, which stunning panoramic views of vineyards, olive groves, rows of fragrant lavender and mountains on all sides. Besides that, Guadalupe Valley is also one of the few places left in the world that grow exceptional grapes weaved between traditional haciendas, giving that back to the old country feeling you’d be hard-pushed to find elsewhere. Here, this year is expected to be finished Endémico Resguardo Silvestre Hotel, an eco-friendly retreat which satisfies all the needs of the guests by preserving contact with nature at the same time.



Designed by Jorge Garcia from San Diego-based office-Gracia Studio, the project is Grupo Habita’s newest hotel which consists of 20 EcoLoft rooms that are set up like deluxe camping suites, and they were especially developed to minimize impact on the surrounding landscape and to respect nature in every possible way. Very romantic and  luxurious, each  20-sq ft cabin features a bathroom, a terrace, a clay fire pit with magnificent views of the valley. Inside, they are displaying a minimalist design paired with sleek finishings in a contemporary grayscale colour scheme. Outside they have a clean and minimal steel structure looking like stylish cubicles elevated to avoid contact with the soil. Wood finishing make them blend in with the landscape.

They have  a furnished patio area featuring a clay fireplace and chairs perfect for enjoying the amazing landcape. The property also features a stunning pool, a winery, and a fine food restaurant where guests have access to food events, wine tours and other activities. What else can you ask more? Guadalupe Valley is a new travel dream for 2012 and Endemico Hotel a gorgeous green retreat.

Photos: © Garcia Studio.













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