Essay Writing Prompts for College Students

Essay writing may look simple. For those who have never tried it. If you are or someday were a student you know how challenging it may be to write something that makes sense. Writing assignments often weight more points than other tasks, and this is no coincidence. In today’s world, to be booming in the business, education, or art, you definitely have to be a clear and interesting writer (or speaker).

There are many things you need to know in order to write a relevant and engaging academic essay. Good thesis statements, fresh arguments, well-built closing and opening paragraphs, – all of this is a must when it comes to writing an essay.

However, today many people choose easy ways to get good grades, like using an online college paper writing service (like or copying assignments (or parts of academic papers) from peers. While the second variant is a little bit outdated, the first one has great popularity among students for many reasons. They buy a course paper – they get the grade. Simple, isn’t it? 

Still, even when you choose to go this way, you really need to know some other things. Imagine that you are at IELTS or TOEFL, okay? No one will be there for you to write an essay, no one will whisper the right phrases. No one. That is why, as an intelligent person, you need to have the writing skills to rely on.

What to Do in Order to Write a Decent Essay

Prompt #1. Learn the universal essay mapping

The most typical essays are usually written in five paragraphs, no matter whether it is an argumentative, descriptive, comparison, or persuasive essay. 

In the first paragraph, you write the main idea you want to render in the form of a thesis, give some background info, state what you claim, basically answering the question ‘Why is this essay being written?’ 

The second part is the main body. It may include the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th paragraphs that are all about giving evidence for topic sentences. One topic sentence + one proof = one paragraph. Supporting ideas with proofs and scientifically analyzed facts, you will be doing the right thing. Remember that you’re not the expert yet, so better take the tried-and-true data. Ask yourself if these points are relevant. If not, ditch them until it has gone too far.

The third part goes to the conclusion, and it’s of paramount importance here to name every single idea that was proved to be right. Bring everything together, say what you already mentioned, outline the most vital issues. NB: no new data in the conclusion paragraph!

Prompt #2. Involve a friend or use additional help.

Some people learn better in a company of close friends. This can be turned into a big plus as united writing is really good, especially for beginners. Together, you can brainstorm key ideas, recollect examples from history or different spheres of modern life, check your mistakes and teach each other. Choose a friend or a classmate who is eager to collaborate and patient with his or your mishaps. It is way better to go through the process together.

Another kind of support you can get is from a reliable college essay writing service. You, probably, cannot but agree that it is at times difficult to have it all together. Especially, when you’re in another city, working a job or two, struggling to make ends meet. Studies often go to the ‘secondary’ section. Yet, you need the qualification to build your future, and that is why it would be a nice way out to buy a dissertation or term paper once or twice, just writing ‘help me with my task’. 

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