Essentials to Upgrade before Winter

Autumn is the perfect time to make an upgrade to your home’s energy-retaining abilities. It’ll allow the investment to pay itself back a little more quickly, and it’ll ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the cold weather.

Certain upgrades yield huge benefits very quickly. Let’s consider them.

Doors & Windows

The majority of the heat that escapes your home will do so through your doors and windows. Double-glazed windows will keep the heat in far more effectively than single-glazed ones. If your existing double-glazed panels are starting to fog on the inside (that is, between the panels) it means that the seal has broken and that the insulating gas has escaped. Replacing a window in this condition could mean substantial savings.

It’s also worth considering the state of your doors, and especially your front door. The edges of your door, if they’re not sufficiently insulated, can allow cold draughts to sweep through the house. You can counteract this by installing compression strips around the frame, or by replacing the door entirely. As well as improving the heat situation, this will also confer security and aesthetic benefits.

Loft Insulation

Your roof is another statistical point of weakness. Heat, for the most part, rises through your house and exits through the top. Put a big enough barrier there to stop it from doing so, and you’ll considerable reduce the amount of energy you need to spend replacing that lost heat.

The Boiler

An older boiler won’t be as efficient as a newer one. Moreover, it’ll be more prone to breaking, and it’ll require expensive maintenance. A new boiler every decade or so is not uncommon. If your existing boiler runs hot or cold, leaks, or makes strange noises, then it might be time for a replacement.

Conservatory Roof

Your conservatory’s roof, being effectively an enormous window, can also represent a point of thermal weakness. It might be uninhabitable when the weather gets really cold, which means that your home will effectively shrink. Getting a heavy-duty roof as a replacement can be a good idea – but the surrounding structure will need to be able to support it.

New Radiators

Not all radiators are created quite the same. Newer ones tend to be more efficient than older ones, as they’re able to heat up more consistently and dispense heat more easily, thanks to larger surface area. As well as varying in performance, they also vary in style, so it’s worth investing in one that’ll make the room look good as well as feel toasty.

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