EVA Foam: Whole New World of Innovative Products

EVA Foam is a polymer of Vinyl acetate and ethylene used for flooring and other purposes like sports equipments, setting designs and many more. In spite of being soft they are highly different from typical rubber. They are usually used for manufacturing flip-flops.



Advantages of EVA foam:

More about EVA foam:

EVA liquids are PVAc(Polyvinyl Acetate copolymer) that are based on Vinyl acetate and on the inside they are plasticized by Vinyl acetate ethylene. These copolymers are adhesive in nature and are widely used in packaging materials and for book binding.


Widely used EVA Foam products:

EVA Foam mats: These kinds of mats can be used for sports practice. The thickness of this mats are commonly 40mm which gives good support to sport persons. These kinds of structures add up to the stability of the mats. Foam mats can easily interlock themselves which make them easy for quick install as well as removal. Nowadays there are many who use foam mats in the house interiors as well. The softness of these mats makes the interior highly safe for the kids.

Some added advantages are:

Nowadays different kinds of EVA Foam mats are available such as colored foam mats, gymnastic mats, martial arts mats.

Colorful and stylish foam slippers

EVA Foam Slippers:

These slippers are warm and contented and can even recover foot health. These slippers are very comfortable to use. These kinds of slippers can be a real help for those who are suffering from foot troubles. They are also used in sports padding and insoles.

Added advantages of EVA foam slippers:

Infuse color with colorful foam tiles

EVA Tiles: EVA tiles have lot of advantage for which it had becomes a flooring choice for most of the people. Various colors, patterns have made these tiles popular among people. These types of tiles can be used for both exterior and interior parts.

Advantages of EVA tiles:

Materials made from EVA foam have lot of advantages. Various colors and water resistant property have made it favorite among people.


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