Excellent Tips For Modern Residential Architecture To Make Them Look Elegant

Today, many people are having a dream of making a modern house so that they can have a better and stylish living different from their traditional living. The modern houses should be designed in a way that they look stylish, elegant and attractive both from the interior side as well as the exterior side.

Architectures Ideas has brought for you some important tips that you must follow in order to have the perfect modern residential architecture that you want. Just have a look at them.

Have a Simple Floor Plan

The floor plan of your house should be simple and straight forward for you and your architect to understand. If you have a complex floor plan then it may confuse you and you may not get what you actually want.

Have proper and clear discussions with your architect about what you actually want to build. Know the desires of your family members too and accordingly make the floor plan simple.

Have Interiors with Neutral Color Palette

The modern interiors generally are light and airy. The spaces of the modern residential architecture are clean and fresh with a heavy dose of natural daylight. The paint colors generally consist of the neutral and light colors having the few accents. The outside views tend to play a prominent role in selecting the interior color palette.

If you want to have a modern look to your interiors then stick to a light color palette. The right color palette will definitely depend on your personal tastes, artwork, and furnishings. The whites and greys are a good choice and it goes nicely with many modern materials.

Exterior Color Also Matters!

You can also add bright and bold accent color if you’d like but make sure that the color is well balanced in space. In the modern homes, there are generally larger windows so the color selection also goes with the outside views too. For example, let’s say that you are having a forest view outside then you may have to pull out the green color to suit your interiors in the best way.

In the exterior, the colors are dictated by the material selection of the siding. Many modern homes have the white, black and grey colors on the outer side.
Be Perfect in Choosing the Right Accessories, Furnishings, and Fixtures

If you want to have the perfect modern home then you ought to have the right accessories and furniture for your house that match up with the style of your interior. The modern homes are simple and clean so don’t have too many accessories that the house starts looking very complex.

Everything should be proper and nothing should be in excess. Everything in modern homes should be located properly and should be intentionally aligned. The windows, furniture, bathroom accessories should match up with the style of your new modern house and you shouldn’t be too fringy with it.

You should pay close attention to all the products that you select and make sure that all the items are simple and modern. Have a look at the below-given list of items that you should keep in mind while buying the accessories for your house.

  • Light fixtures
  • Laundry and Kitchen appliances
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Mechanical registers/vents
  • Bathroom accessories like racks, holders and towel rods
  • Hardware like cabinet hardware and door pulls
  • Furniture and home décor

Make it Simple, Clean and Hassle-free

The modern houses have the particular trait that they are simple, neat and clean. They don’t have too many items getting stored and so it looks very simple. One thing you should definitely keep in mind that you should be intentional with the storage space and manage it very carefully.

Have only the items that are truly required and don’t stuff too many items such that your new modern home looks very much complicated. If you plan properly and make proper cabinets for storing the items then you will be able to store even more items and still make it look decent and attractive.

So, these were the tips that you should keep in mind while making the new modern residential architecture. Follow these tips out and we ensure you will have a wonderful modern house for living.


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